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Protest at the Capitol this Thursday, Nov 5 @ noon 41 Views 11/02/09
Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and Congressman Peter King of New York are calling for a last minute protest to try and stop the passage of the incomprehensible, immoral and unconstitutional health care legislation. The protest will be on the Capitol steps at noon on Thursday, Nov 5th. Please pass this information along to anyone and everyone that you can think of. If you can't be here, then flood your local representative's office with phone calls. This legislation is a matter of life and death.
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Riding Around the World 23 Views 06/15/06
No, it's not me... well, not yet anyway. But I came across this guys website today. You have to check it out: Great photos and journal entries - click on European Travels. This guy is a biker!
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First Ride of the Season 102 Views 03/31/06
I just got my scooter out of storage today and went for a ride. Beautiful - 75 degrees, sunny - I couldn't stop smiling. Life is just better with motorcycles.
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