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Laughlin...just a memory Posted on Sun, Apr 29, 2007 00:00
Hey everyone, Did anyone make it to Cocktails??? I rode by there on the way to Oatman. Seemed to be a ton of bikes in the parking lot. Would have stopped because it would have been a real pleasure to meet any of you who were there but I met a girl, and, uh, well, you know how it is.... JD
Confession Posted on Sun, Apr 15, 2007 00:00
Okay, Im sittin' here typin' and I'm lookin' at the clock with one eye because at 9:00 "The Sopranos" goes on. Any other Soprano junkies out there??? If so, what do you think's gonna happen to Bobby???
My Favorite Day! Posted on Sun, Apr 15, 2007 00:00
Well, it's April 15th! I'm not sure whatever possessed me to start this tax business 30 years ago, but this year was the craziest I've ever had. Seems more and more people are out there starting businesses, investing in real estate (or refinancing with those horrible interest only/negative amortization loans) and I FINISHED THE LAST RETURN TODAY AND I'M NOT TAKING ANY MORE CLIENTS THIS YEAR!!!!! And I was so happy I went for a ride, even though it was raining...jumped on the Road King, just my baseball cap, (and jeans & t-shirt) and off I went and damn, there ain't nuthin like the freedom of the ride on a day like this!!!!!
Does She Like Me? Posted on Sun, Apr 08, 2007 00:00
Well, met a really great girl yesterday. Pretty, sexy, smart, funny...Had a great time. She seemed to like me...because she showed me a picture of a man that she'd taken with her camera phone, and told me that he was the man that she wanted to have sex with. Do you think she likes me???
Biker Wannabe's Posted on Sat, Apr 07, 2007 00:00
Hey boys and girls. There is something going on here that I wonder about. So please give me your comments. There are many many people here who talk like bikers. They have a scooter, they go to runs, etc. So, a man sees a woman's profile he likes, or a woman sees a man's profile she likes, and one of them initiates contact. Now, when the recipient of that initial contact receives the "wink," or the first email, they have some choices to make, don't they? And aren't all of those choices centered around one thing? A RESPONSE? What about these people that just ignore someone's wink, email, etc., without so much as a "no thank you?" If you are one of those cowardly, inconsiderate people, you ain't no biker. A biker stands up, faces the opposition, and says what's on his or her mind. Doesn't hide behind their computer screen. It's called simple, common courtesy, or maybe basic consideration is better. Whatever you call it, all you wannabe's out there who can't do anything but hide behind your monitors, try assuming a little responsibility. It'll make you feel better about yourself and take you one step closer to being the kind of person that a real biker is.