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Jailhouse...........Vegas Posted on Sat, Nov 04, 2006 08:42
There is a new sheriff in town. aka The Kissing Bandit. My deputies are net,moses,russ and whoever else wants to join. The Jailhouse is erected behind the world famous PaddyWaddy's kissing booth. Here are the laws which will be enforced at our discretion. Women only.... strip searched....mandatory upon arrival to Vegas Men get out free....We are the eagles Drunk walking..Fine...25 smackaroos(look out ltbb and maneater)...Sober people pay all the tabs Slobbering in public...Fine...10.00 tongue....Fine...15.00 Stolen kisses...Fine...15.00 unless of course it is me or my deputies(perks) Public nudity....Fine 50.00...Hotbody no charge All thongs and lipstick will be left in my charge Get out of jail cards will be issued to all redheads No kissing outside of kissing booth.....Fine....10.00 We have a law against wearing granny panties.......Fine 35.00 Triple T, I, personally have made special arrangments for you (organizer of doves), Trap door to the Jello pit. I will you and it is going to cost you a Frechie for the Kissing Any and all complaints can be filed with the Mayor AKA The Kissing
Football..........Vegas Posted on Sun, Nov 12, 2006 12:36
Okay some of guys didn't like being on the side of the law. On the Jailhouse Vegas blog. Seems like the ladies took that over. Deputies ran for the hills. Now lets try and put a winning team together on the football field. You know the ladies (cheerleaders) they will just melt in your arms with the uniform thing going. Okay who is going to name the team. Who wants, what position, except for quarterback that would be me (My blog) at least for now. Maybe we can get more of the men to take part and keep it going. Come on guys, have to show the Doves you have stamina. Keep it up, I mean going, input on the blog. Perks: good money, cheerleaders, groupies, maybe your own commercial. You can create your own dance in the end zone. Don't forget the half time show. We can put the Doves on display. If we can't dominate this blog then we are doomed. Okay Doves I know it will be real hard for you but don't jump in just yet. Give us time to organize the team. I know it will be hard for you T, Paddy, and Red but give us a head start. Okay guys let's huddle up, throwing the ball toward the cheerleader, first play. Who is going to be a reciever,Demo,Badman,Net,Moses,Halfinche,Sum you still around. Some one else makes the next play. Ready break........... Play