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FOXIECHICK Posted on Sun, Nov 26, 2006 11:43
Well I dont make a habit out of posting blog's, I enjoy responding to the millions, that are on here. I guess what this is about is the way that I feel about myself and a lady that called her self FOXIECHICK, I have been gone from BK for a while , when I came back there is FOXIECHICK!!! with a hundred blogs, each day, I didnt take the time to really try and understand or take the time to get to know the lady that was posting them, if I would have I would have handled it a lot different, I call my self a half assed biker, I help at all kinds of rallys and binifits for all different kinds of causes for people that may need what little help that I can give them, I am not (sniveling)about it , I just wanted to see if anyone else might feel the same way, FOXIECHICK if you happen to read this or your daughter !!! please post a blog !!!!! Hope that you had a great Thanks Giveing, and like I said before , if I ever get to Kingman I would be happy to give you a ride, your friend!! buckethead
Buckethead is back !!!!! Posted on Sat, Nov 18, 2006 13:02
Just wanted to see if any one missed my sorry ass ??????
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flat chested women Posted on Sun, Jun 25, 2006 19:12
I happen to be a guy that loves little bitty titties, is thier any out there???
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