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today was great not only near perfect 70s and sunny but ran into baby brother at the gas station. 2 years ago this would be no big deal. 2 days before thanksgiving 2004 he lost his right leg. well not exactly lost it had to be amputated above the knee because of an injury at work in the coal mine. a few have told him to stay off that dam bike but by and large he's had the support of family and friends. with some help from his other 2 brothers and myself the old sporty has been modified for his needs. please note that our help is mostly design checks and moral support as he wanted and did most of it himself. he did pull a few stares today as the wind blew his pant leg up showing off a pretty blue aluminiun leg. gotta give him a big atta boy, not only had to learn how to walk again but also how to ride, and yes kickstart. like i said it was indeed a special ride, at least for me.

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