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ran into my baby brother last sunday at the gas station. we both were fillin' up,he was goin' to check a friends bike and i was just ridin' cause it was near perfect 70s and sunny. now a couple of years ago this would be no big deal but i haven't taken a ride with him in almost 2 years. two days before thanksgiving of 2004 he lost his right leg. well didn't lose it had to be amputated above the knee because of an injury at work in the coal mine. it has been a long uphill battle but he has learned to walk and gets around good and despite some tellin' him to stay off it. he has modified the old sporty so he can ride. had to learn how to brake and kickstart with left foot but does quite well. his other two brothers and myself helped as much as he would let us. mostly design checks and moral support. it was a good ride even though i had to laugh a time or ten,the wind kept his pant leg blown up so people would do the double takes at the sight of a pretty blue aluminium leg and sometimes even point. oh yeah while in the process of making modifications, trial and error he only lost his leg once! a special ride indeed, heres to my bro and the hope of many more rides to come. just wanted to share, this guy is one in a million and i'm dam proud of him.

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