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Posted on Sep 03, 2006 at 06:15 PM

i was 13 it was the perfect sunny summer day. hangin' out at my cousin's house kinda in the background,the older guys thought me a nuisance at times. listenin' to them talk 'bout girls and bikes and girls and cars and girls. i knew a little about bikes and cars but nuttin' about girls so i payed close attention. as usual when i would try to say something i'd hear some smartass remark that would get a laugh at my expense.that day i said i could ride anything they could. which was greeted with hoots but i stood my ground. after a while my cous looked over at me and sez if you can start it you can ride it. there she sat 62 sporty,nothin' fancy just a nice old bike. i had been watchin' and listening and knew how to start the beast. threw a leg over reached down unhooked the distributor spring and retard the timing,blip the throttle get it up on compression,kick like hell. on the third kick it came to life much to everyones suprise. cous wanted to back out,instead he told me i couldn't ride outta' sight so my first time on a harley was less than 500 feet but i loved every second on it. that's the story of my first time on a harley how 'bout yours.

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