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Yawn.. Posted on Sep 27, 2013 at 06:53 PM

It's been a few years since I've caroused the premisis.. :( 

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Smokin HOT!!!... yup, shes back! Posted on Jun 25, 2008 at 06:41 PM
.. I always have come to terms and accepted the fact that most men dont put down the toilet seat...Most want ya to fetch them a beer since they were wrenching on stuff all day...and most have a pile of stuff protruding from their garages comprised of stuff myself a typical clueless women wouldnt know what to do with.. So all in all, boys will be boys and the stuff they do is just incorporated in their genes, and all that clanking they do in their garage sanctuaries, for me was once just that.. But then there was the Smoke Out Rally.. Believe me when i say, some of u guys are amazing.. Some of u are less to be desired, so dont hide in the shadows of the good doobies, we know your out there too, damn houligans lol...These men designed bikes that stemmed from some tretcherous day of typical chores perhaps stumbling upon the darndest of things which improvised the coolest of imaginative ideas in their head... They found themselves miserably about to mow, fine tune, weed wack, steer, rev-up, tool on, toy with, pull apart, perfectly place back together, tune up, adjust, vacuum lol, master, garden lol, re-vamp, dyno, service the dishwasher or plow something at sometime... I saw everything but my personal hair dryer for exhaust at that show, it absolutely blew my mind.. This chopper fest kicked ass.. The sounds of drag pipes blaring, the smell of exhaust filling the air.. Then there was the sweetest sound of an unfamiliar voice calling my name.... and in the strangest swiftest of tones all i could hear was "motorpsychobich", lol, followed by the warmest inviting smile that melted me into an inquisitive puddle of 'huh'?.. Next thing ya knew , Motor was getting herself a smooch and a hug from WGDave ;) .. Exhaust pipes had no heat on me ... Absolutely AWESOME time!!!.. so for this girl, North Carolina will never be the same.. The ride, the twisty turnys, the smooth pavement as we pounded the road, the 5000 times we missed a deer, the driving rain that couldnt stop us, the first cold beer we cracked, to the second we relaxed in our room after 12 hrs of riding.... an experience best described as absof*ckinlutely priceless...! what did i miss, where did he go, whos doing who, whos your daddy?... ;)
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Motors nekkid? what? Posted on May 31, 2008 at 03:50 PM
GOT YOUR ASS, like flies on fly tape..... good, and now that your fixated here for a split second, where has everyone gone,why are u looking for piks of my keister? ... just messing around, taking a mental health break today!... I know its beautiful out now and everyones got that itch, some of ya have other "itches" hopefully youll keep private.. but i was just curious, was there an epidemic of some verbal sort to knock out more than half of the roster here?.. inquiring minds wanna know, as for me, im just nosy... See some of you on Bikerornot.. as for the rest, i was just thinking about ya :) Take care everyone...
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we all know u have a penis.. Posted on Mar 07, 2008 at 11:16 AM
..its funny as i sit here and rant a lil perhaps defending my own piece of mind depicting bits n pieces of what i wanna scream from the top of a mountain.. People, whats with the rampant displays of unecessary nudity and ludeness around these sights? (i say "unecessary" because of how my skin cringed while looking) Ladies and Gentleman,i think motor got her first wrinkle ...what the hell?.. i tell ya one thing, i can flirt and tease with the best of them, but its all stimulation of the mind.. When motor says the following, you know the dookie has hit the fan... so i sent him an email response and attached it here down below.. Re:i told someone once many moons ago "id rather do the "deed" with a broken bottle".. ill be nicer to you because we are "friends" right?..thanks, but no thanks for the offer.. lucky for you,ive toned down a lil bit, and the older i get, the more ive come to terms to realize that most things are best kept to the imagination, even though my words to you are more of a reality than a dream .. your arrogance and lack of witholding anything interesting compells me to let you know how much of a prick i truly sincerely honestly undoubtably think you are.. the only thing rising between me and you is the temperature...i was always taught to chew with my mouth closed and never to spit out, but this time im gonna chew your ass, and im gonna spit ya out with no hesitation at all.... so you ask, where have this girls manners gone?.. and ill reply "maybe with you, in the trash"... oh btw friend, have a great weekend :) ok, now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast... grrr
ask anyone anything.. Posted on Dec 12, 2007 at 07:19 PM
just spill it out, say it, scream it, beg it, plead for it, whisper it, moan for it, request it, demand it, hint at it, spew it, take the plundge, drop your guard, fess up, lay it all out there, bring it on, open up and say ahhhh and just ask anyone anything u always wanted to know.. the confessions booth and transcriptionist are ready to document all confessions and delicate savvy requests of information... well, in the event they arent here, ill be curiously watching, with beer in hand of course..
Pleasure and pain :) Posted on Nov 24, 2007 at 04:55 PM
Passion... passion can be a killer no?.. look at the stakes we go to, the stakes we drive and what we leave at stake in the name of passion... For some, to give it all means everything, for everything to some its giving their all.. i like to think i draw a fine line between pleasure and pain...For me through past experiences ive learned that the more it hurt was the better i knew it would someday feel.. What are u passionate about in your life?... What sacrifices have u made to pay that price for where your heart leads you?...
i like peas :) Posted on Nov 14, 2007 at 06:20 PM
....its interesting to say the least, the things we say, why we think them...the people we see and how many truly distict personalities collide here.. its like a unique colliage, and with each newly distinctive unveiling color, i absorb something i never knew.. i am a firm believer that life is about what we love, how we love and who we love.. love is about life, where we live, how we live it and with whom ...we live for love and love to live and love loving where we are living to have a life loved living...i am now clearly delusionally dizzy, but spinning 'round and 'round always seems to make things seem so clear....and if being here has taught me something at the very least, im enjoying my time just being here.. so heres the big question... what do u think youve learned from biker kiss in the biggest, smallest mostest positivest and or negative way?
addictions.. fess up! Posted on Nov 12, 2007 at 08:26 PM
Ok to prevent forest fores, to save money, to think about all the time ill gain, for the sickness ill be spared, for the gifts ill buy, for the sweeter aroma ill eminate, for the cleaner car ill drive, for the less toxins ill inhale, for the trees ill save, for the monkey i can adopt, for the rug i wont have to vacuum as much, for the less ill cough, for the fewer people ill offend, for the facial wrinkles ill be spared, for the skin ill help stay young, for the kiss shared thatll be minty fresh, for the liter ill help less create, for preserving the many years i want to laugh away having fun, for the better ill taste... i quit smoking... now wtf do i do lol.. i can pan for prescious metals, crop dust, road rage or watch some car chases on tv.. i can snake out the toilet, yodel, fly fish, join the polar bear club, collect antiques, deep sea fish or try synchronized swimming in my bathtub.. theres always an open bar waiting for me to arrive, a highway waiting for traffic or some rainbow sherbert to feed on...i can sit on a train and listen to other peoples conversations pretending to read the paper..i can ruin karayoke, lay naked on my rug collecting fuzz, or i can simply just wait and blog about what to do with my cravings with you fine folks.. :) so what are your addictions?
the halloween attack! Posted on Oct 31, 2007 at 04:20 PM
They came from every direction, decked out in drags of ghoul... they were scary, they were hairy.. some even looked like fairies.. Motor didnt know what to do.. and just when i had always prepared myself for every situation, it looked like my luck ran out soon...because there were some that looked like werewolves, howling at the moon.. I was bombarded by pediatric smugglers, dressed in costumes after my shares.. gone now are my evil snacks of plenty, whats left is my bucket thats bare.. so i submitted into what they all wanted, in fear the parade of horror would never end.. and as each left i mumbled kindly "please dont trip on the stairs, i dont need my homeowners insurance to go up, trick or treat little friend".. :) happy halloween everyone.. :)
*theme from jaws blaring* Posted on Oct 23, 2007 at 08:18 PM
I gotcha!... Made ya look, Made ya look... :).. i was hungry for a new blog, so i guess ill just make my own and talk to myself for a small psychotic second here.. this blog is just a blog for the sake of blogging, because if i didnt blog at least once a day, i wouldnt know how to unwind from another long day... i need a hobby, any suggestions anyone?... what do u do when u arent here looking for entertainement?..
Mirror mirror on the wall... Posted on Oct 23, 2007 at 08:09 PM
I always use this stupid saying "We are all hot in the dark", and its somewhat said because in some little way it holds the truth.. But we dont live in the dark, so its the reflections of light that help us see...What do u see when u look in the mirror?.. What do u want everyone else to see when they glance at your image, when they blog and stare at you?..
So what do you bring to the table? Posted on Sep 11, 2007 at 07:50 AM
I suppose it doesnt really matter how u lure them in, its how u fancy the bait for their anticipated feast :) If you considered being a cuisine, What would u describe yourself to be? ..Give a taste of the sweet delectable creations you have conjured up and share yourself. What do u bring to the table for others to nibble? To taste? To consume? To anticipate?... Let the feast unfold before us..What do you consider about yourself to be tantilizing? Delicious? What part of you is a delectable main course?...Marinate your thoughts in a fruitful tangy zip, a kick of zest, and a well rounded fulfilling delight..Open every door to all the flavorings and dine on something you've never had.. Endure every morsel of tasted information shared to create a medley of something new from each of us.. Share your own likes and dislikes to the menu hopefully soon spread out before you..I am a firm believer that tastes are aquired, and some of the finest cuisine to some may be disposable to others..This kind of buffet could offer such variety, its almost overwhelming. There is so much dimension so many of us most have yet to taste.. So absorb all of your desires and quench that need to endulge. Just try to keep in mind, superficial small tastings only makes one more eager to subcumb to the aromatic calling of taste buds paralyzed by an equisite somewhat rare display of decadence... ...Grab your hot plate, secure your bib (lol) and take a look at all thats simmering before you..Just try to remember as you dip your fingers in, the slower ur mouth waters, i hope youll find yourself inversely consumed by all of your likings wondering "where do i start?" Lets eat!
Someone out there right now is doing what?. Posted on Jul 25, 2007 at 09:36 PM
Any fetishes anyone?.. At work to pass the time we play a lil game called" Someone out there, right now is doing (fill in the blank)".. Its funny, and its true, in this day and age i put nothing past people..To each his own i suppose, even if the visuals are priceless..
message to the one u love/lust/yearn for.. Posted on Jul 24, 2007 at 06:02 PM
If you could say something to the one you love,the one you lust, or yearn for without saying who they were,What would you say if they could read this blog?..(for some of you maybe they will be reading this blog)
What are your talents? Posted on Jul 24, 2007 at 08:59 AM
With the lights on, lights off, outside, inside, at night or during the day.. I was curious and wanted to know, what are your hidden talents youd be willing to share.. What do you do best?.. Im off to work, ill reply later.. Have a great day and fun..