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Riding hot... Posted on Apr 22, 2012 at 04:23 PM

took my broken hand out on a couple of rides this weekend...100 degrees here in the Old Pueblo.

Time for monkey butt powder and a white beach towel for my seat...feel like I could get a Brazilian wax today and it would be less painful!  hahaha

Can't wait till all the snow birds leave town and we have the roads to ourselves!

Water Vests, gel cooled neck ties, sunscreen and water bottles are all part of our saddlebag packs here.  

What are some of the things you take for your summer trips?


TOS Posted on Apr 12, 2012 at 08:12 AM

Terms of Service...are listed right above this box for adding a blog.  I did not break any of your rules and yet you removed an entry that I made on my own thread?  REALLY?

Censorship at its finest!   Is this an American owned and based company?  does anyone know?

Has anyone actually MET and DATED anyone from here?

Why am I feeling like the 'trouble maker' here today?

So now I am frustrated that I have not met anyone from here, spending my money on what I thought was a "dating" site, to be checked out by women and NOW I get censored!   LOL  Could have stayed on the OTHER DATING SITES.....GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Have a nice day!


Ride safe!


Just wondering... Posted on Apr 10, 2012 at 10:13 PM

I am not new to the wide world of internet dating sites...but is this really a dating site?

I wanted to meet single men, who love riding as much as me and hopefully build from a strong friendship into something more...

So far, have been "looked at by a ton of women"  (I LIKE MEN AS STATED ON MY PROFILE), been emailed by at least 4 guys who do not even OWN a motorcycle...WHAT is up with that?, met and rode with one guy, had a great time but never heard from him again...I AM ASSUMING that he IS/WAS married...ugh.

I sprung for the full membership, thinking that it would give me an edge here but that has not been the case.   Does anyone have similiar stories?   Just wondering if I should term my membership.