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Posted on Nov 14, 2011 at 09:40 AM

By the shores of Gitchie Gummie by the shining big sea water lay the wigwam of....OLDFLIPPINHARLEYLOVER !!!! it's the day before the big hunt, and I am melancholy. not a hunter myself, and wish good luck to all sportsmen. sportsmen...not gender specific...but ones who play the game straight. worse thing I heard this year...was a decapitated head of a moose on a rock, sort of locally, and a sign.."the wolfs wont get this one". sorry for dropping the f bomb..but that person or persons, are just f*cking poachers ! burns my ass, less than 500 moose here... sorry about the tirade..but something important to me, and it is where I decided to live. I moved to the southern shores of Lake Superior, in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. but is becoming winter. and winter means I hibernate and dream of springs. springs and summers, and even falls.. most times find me content but solitude sometimes seems unbearable. so I blog, here..maybe there... and I search all those "free" websites looking for that compatible creature and, I hang around on a couple social networks... and putz and polish my bike on the one that..someday...will be done. I had a woman, actually two. so I know, I am capable of loving someone. age creeps in slowly, my mind too immature to know I'm not some kid anymore but this darn heart just keeps aching for someone that would love me as I could love them. dreamer? romantic? philosopher? or fool? but winter is just begining, and by the time the big sea water freezes over my mind will be long gone!

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