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Posted on May 20, 2010 at 09:26 AM

from the wee weary top to the bottom we shall go on hogs made of steel and tires of two or more riders of two and a passenger of one legs total eight but Ike is freak! less than a month and our trip takes off, from just below Canada down to the Carolinas, going to see an old friend, with an old friend, and his old dog, and me..the other old dog! lol I dig riding along with Ike, he rides in the sidecar... last time we went riding, he had his son along. we'd hit a curve, both dogs leaning out on opposite sides of the 'car, then they would jump and switch sides.... we hit the four lane and I pull up Ike looks at me gives a nod and puts his face back in the breeze... dog telepathy.... we're cool brother!

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