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Posted on Jun 06, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Funny, the ladies must think that all males are mind reader. We're not, says so right here in our job description signed by JHC himself. If you want us to know something you have to tell us ladies, for instance "did you enjoy our date" that's male speak for this is the place for the critique, "yes I liked that, no I hated that" get the concept male's learn sometimes our memory is short but we learn.

Since we're on a roll here about dates Ladies please give us some inkling of what you really like, we'll do it (atleast most of us will lol) even if it's not on our top 20 list and we'll do it just to please you, understand ??? So if you kick us in the teeth for not going where you want or doing some of the things you like you've not one person to blame but yourself, see the above paragraph.

Oh something else I've been chewing on look it's like this not very many of us are Steve Mc Queen handsome or Bill Gates rich, guys like that on dam few and far between, and yes we know that not all women are drop dead good looking, hell most of us wouldn't know what to do with ya if ya were (but we'd try real hard lolol) But don't put up a picture on you profile that's 5 years old and if your carring and extra 20lb say so geezzz, so you have a gray streak in your hair so what gray streaks are sexy.



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Posted on Jul 27, 2011 at 08:04 AM

I know what you mean PaleGost, and I am talking from the other side of the coin. The communication skills and etiquette/manners are sorely lacking on both sides these days and then we wonder what the heck is going on with the guy or girl in question? None of us are mind readers, neither men nor women. It is funny how men don't ask questions or point out some things that are important to them either. Then I wonder why things can't or won't progress. My personal experience has been this, too many times. I am not afriad to ask for what I want...and I don't ask for much, just to live simply and free.

Is it possible in this day and age that we are afraid of the opposite sexes for fear of rejection or not living up to another's standards? Hell, I have reasonable expectations but am flexible depending on the situation....everyone is unique.

Your thoughts on this?




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Posted on Jun 26, 2011 at 02:29 PM

More musings from the Paleghost:  Ladies I have a question for you all. Why is it that when  we want to take a lady out to dinner, just the two of us,  she brings another couple along.  Good God almight this is not the first date you trusted your life to me already just by getting on my bike. lol Dinner should be a breeze. Ya don't think that we'd invite you to dinner if we didn't have something we wanted to talk to you about, did ya??? Head = brains, remember,not hat rack. Man oh man look ladies when your guy is sitting there flashing teeth in hs smile and has his head angled sideway think, yeah We're interested. We'll tell you all you want to know about us jsut asK, but remember GUYS ARE NOT MIND READERS. We'll give you the information you want or need to know for your decision making process but ya have to ask.

Another thing, Ladies if we're not interest in you there wouldn't be a second date, flip side of that coin is this Why go out a second time if your going to keep us in the dark hhmmmm. Either give us the information we need to make better decisions to make a date a great one or tell us to go take a leap at a rolling dount. There I feel better now even if I still don't understand the Female thought processes. lol

DAY 153, YEAR 1 PD

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