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How to make gulf coast rain Posted on Jul 18, 2011 at 09:56 PM

Although this has little to do with riding I find the circumstances too funny to pass up.  Every time I take my bike out it seems to rain and I think I have figured out why - MissyLynn


How to make it rain in TX :


Predict rain for two weeks - not a drop


Pray for rain = drier than a bone and lawn catches on fire (oh yes this happened to me)


Water lawn to save it = not a cloud in the sky for a month


Have yard boy wax all cars at office = gets cloudly, thunders - then nothing.  Kind of like a man all talk and no show.


Neighbors go on vacation = light rain two days


Wax VP's special "benz" = hail no rain


Send yardboy to detail and wax all trucks in shop yard - rain just enough to ruin work and piss off customers.


Hang laundry on line =  rain only enough to keep clothes from drying


Buy new harley and ride it home - rain enough to ruin detail job.


Wear white to work = light rain during commute


Hang laundry on line +  ride new harley to work while wearing white = DOWNPOUR of biblical proportions.  This in addition to be pelted by the rain and being wolf whistled at by every trucker on 529.  Thank goodness I have great legs in now see through clothing.


Moral of the story - never wear white on your harley - Missy Lynn.