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Posted on Feb 07, 2010 at 06:09 AM

If you live in an area with plenty back roads, light traffic, this is a must do someday. Good for a Club Event and or Fund Raiser. Them little brown grocery store bags, fill about a hundred of them with white lime. Lay out a course, beginning, end where you can gather for a party / picnic / bbq. You need a car with an odometer and a six pack of cold beer. You need a bike with an odometer to participate effectively. Each entry gets a sealed envelope with a phone number to call if they get lost. Ride can be any length, 50 - 75 miles is a fun half day event. Alternative to bags is the night before use a can of white spray paint to mark the road each mile. The car leaves ten minutes ahead of the first bike, bikes leave at 30 second intervals. Throw down a lime bag every mile in the middle of the road, at each intersection and side street, one bag. The biker has three choices at each intersection, right, straight, left. If you go one mile and don't see a lime bag you gotta come back to the intersection and try again, same goes with a side street. Got the idea? As you can see it can get fun, just bare in mind the bikers are going to be doing U-Turns so choose an area away from interstates and high volume traffic. The winner can be judged by least amount of miles, best time, nicest set of Booby'z, whatever it's all fun. Alot of potential here.

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