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Pick a number-it could be yours... Posted on Jun 19, 2010 at 02:00 PM
"Serious as a Heart Attack" Just strutting through the palace when it took me full on with ill intent and malace. Show some heart, don't be might be a new start you see. Sweat and pain but I don't show much. Just get me into the car, drive slow and easy we've got a little rain. Oh yeah it's for real, what a bright one you can be! Classic signs are all over the place scaring the crap out of me. I watched him drop like a rock, right there in the end-zone; leaving me fatherless but free of fear. Don't you know like bad karma it came to me the 48th year? Are they going to split me open like a chicken at the butcher shop? Just waiting and wondering can make you want to pop. It's a real pisser when you try to live clean, the Reaper doesn't give a shit. If I lived fast and hard would it have mattered even a little bit? I friggin doubt it but you never know. I mean just when you're going to go. Never know when that gasket is going to blow. I know one thing, I found out who my friends were..not that I was surprised one little bit. Bikers, and a few old souls are the only ones who give a shit. What an awesome woman I have standing by my side. I know she loves me, she cares for me, and will be here for the long hard ride.
Hug me squeeze me, baby please don't tease me... Posted on May 25, 2010 at 08:43 AM
"Hug me squeeze me, baby please don't tease me..." Ain't no feather boa that's got a hold on me. I'm feelin faint and it's gettin hard to see. Lights are flashin before my eyes. You got a grip that has me paralyzed. Tears of joy are fallin down my cheek. I wanna look but I'm afraid to peek. My heart is poundin and my knees are shakin. I'm a wreck from all the lovin you're makin. If you don't feel it you better not squeeze me. It'll be cruel if you just wanta tease me. You put me in heaven with your devilish touch. Hugs that make me wanta love you so much. I'm feelin safe right here in your arms. You make me trust you with all of your charms. I keep on thinkin we outa take it slow. In my mind I'm runnin but with nowhere to go. What I wanna know is are you feelin it too? Are you fallin like I'm fallin for you? DD 5/25/10 Ahhh, makes ya wanna go hug someone, doesn't it?
Self-esteem? Posted on Apr 27, 2010 at 04:56 PM
"Esteem" The world at large will judge you with a sneer upon its face. Your pride is shattered into ragged shards as they put you in your place. You hid the truth, you ran in place; you told them lies and fell from grace. The secret was an acid bath-you took it every day. Trying to protect youself as your soul got etched away. Will condemnation doom your life? Will every step be met with strife? Let me tell you one thing sure, as you struggle to cement a cure. Those who love you offer steadfast hope...with words and deeds to help you cope. Your troubles cannot bind you! Let me remind you they don't define you! Your friends are all behind you! We love you and we care. We want you to know we will always be there. Secrecy is the enemy of your hope. It is the knotted end of the hangman's rope. Shout your weakness to the street! Shout it loud to those you meet! The gloom of shame will fade away as we enter into a brighter day. Hope reigns down from God on high! We're on our knees our voices cry! We're praying for your healing. It's up to you-honor what Jesus is revealing. You're new, you're fresh, you're white as snow. You're giving off that forgiven glow. Do the masses of unbelievers matter-in the presence of grace and glory? It is He who defines your life and worth. It is He who writes your whole life's story. DD 4/27/10
Time Warp Posted on Apr 21, 2010 at 08:23 AM
"Time Warp" Electronic connections all over the place-moving us forward through time and through space. An e-mail here, a text message there, perhaps a quick blog to show them I care. So fast is the pace, we connect in the blink of an eye. We barely make time for our hellos and goodbyes. I long for your voice...'Hey are you there?' If we could just see each other, I would show you I care. Your call doesn't come but I won't bother you dear. You're far too busy to answer I fear. So time keeps on ticking, keeps on tricking my mind. I'm locked in a time warp-no escape can I find. Days fly by in slow motion when I'm thinking of you; each moment is pain that I cannot relieve...unless you hold my hand in yours and grant my reprieve. DD 4/21/10
Judy's Highway Cafe Posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 02:17 PM
"Judy's Highway Cafe" It was a tiny joint right on the main drag. We pulled up intending just to use the can. It was full of character, that hole-in-the-wall place. Sweating over the grill stood one mountain of a man. Biker nostalgia gave the walls flavor to spare. Tattoos were the sleeves that he bore on his arm. A one percenter for sure, I thought to myself. I avoided his eyes and ducked into the john-to avoid coming to harm. We bravely decided to stay and asked for a menu. "You want a burger or bratt?" he said in a gravelly voice. He looked at us with disgust when we ordered up soda, not a fine German beer. We quickly said burgers and silently thought-not much of a choice. I tried not to look too closely at how clean the place might be. I was right about one thing, he was an old Angel from Hell. I saw some club ink when he slid the food to us at the bar where we sat. The rain kept things slow, so he grunted a few words-we stayed for a spell. His outside was as rough as they come, have no doubt. On the inside I believe he is a pretty good Joe. The food was delightful, served up in a basket. A saw-buck each paid the tab and then it was time to go. The place can be found on route one in Tequesta. In the end I'm so glad we decided to stay. Enjoy a great putt right next to the coast. Then stop for some eats at Judy's Highway Cafe! DD 4/11/10
Into the black... Posted on Apr 04, 2010 at 07:16 AM
"Obsidian" As I slept, it crept-close enough to envelop my soul. Inky black tendrils engulfed me infusing waves of melancholy into my very core. Unable to break free of despondency, I lay pensive and full of woe. The darkness of the room seemed light when juxtaposed against the noir statue I had become. Forlorn jet-black alluvium circulated through the recesses of my mind congealing on the synaptic passages of my thoughts-to it's grip I must succomb. If I capitulate, will it be an irrevocable surrender to the night? Mind, body, and soul, meld into quiescent agreement; to joust with thoughts of conquest is mere vanity. Light you are anathema to me! Be forever banished from my sight! DD 4/4/10
Ride Safe Kids... Posted on Apr 04, 2010 at 05:56 AM
Those who like to twist the throttle or ride their bike and sip a bottle, will be first one there (ticket in hand) or riding in the promised land. Remember Viking's poem, ride sane and sober-the life you save may be your own!
The Easter Bunny Hop... Posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 08:36 AM

"The Easter Bunny Hop"

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, Peter-the sight of you just couldn't be sweeter! I want to dance and just not stop, if you'll go with me to the Easter Bunny Hop. The chicks will be there taking plenty of peeps-scoping out the good eggs (and perhaps a few creeps.) Jellybean told me he was gonna be there but don't you dance with him, that wouldn't be fair! The Easter egg gang will be hiding all over the place... 'cause I told 'em they better not show a face. I want your sweet kisses; I hope you're gonna share. If not I have a few (if you wanna cross pinkies and take a dare.) Twirling swirling like a peppermint stick; keep away from the punch if you don't want to get sick. When I hold you close you'll melt in my arms-you're so rich and so sweet showing all of your charms. Just close your eyes-the fun will be over the top! Please come with me to the Easter Bunny Hop!

DD 4/1/10 (So what do you it a date?)


Simply Amazing... Posted on Mar 30, 2010 at 08:13 PM

"Simply Amazing"

I only stopped to say, I really didn't know you felt the same way. The same way the thought most certainly was there-circling round inside my head. Inside my head you said it first; did you know that I'd likely be found dead? Be found dead before it left my lips-if you hadn't said it first I mean. First I mean to tell you true that I feel the same as you. The same as you when you told me you care and share the same thoughts that I do now. I do now know that strange as it seems you thought my thoughts, it wasn't a dream. It wasn't a dream where we met and had these thoughts of each other? Thoughts of each other in a way we didn't know we knew what we shared inside those musings. Inside those wonderful musings I thought lovely thoughts of you but you thought them also of me which is...simply amazing!

DD 3/31/10 (For my kindred spirit and friend Heather)  

Strange Dreams Posted on Mar 24, 2010 at 07:43 AM

"Every Day" (From a Viking's House of Blues dream...) 




When I head out that door. You know that job starts to call. I talk to the Lord to make sense of it all. He takes on my stresses. He takes on my fears. Reminds me He loves me and He's always there...(chorus) 




My troubles are many. I've tried for so long. I pray to the Lord just to make me strong. He soothes all my worries. He shows me He's fair. Reminds me He loves me and He's always there...(chorus)



As the night rolls around. Before I lay down to bed. I talk to the Lord deep inside my head. He takes on my worries. He takes on my cares. Reminds me He loves me and He's always there...  (chorus X 2)






Every day! Yeah, every day!


The rain may come, the rain may fall. But every day I'm little bit stronger y'all!


Oh, every day! Yeah, every day!


That rain might come, that ol' rain might fall. But every day I'm a little bit stronger y'all! 




DD 3/24/10 

Heart Wrenching Story Posted on Mar 09, 2010 at 09:06 AM

"Heart Wrenching Story"

Get that oil, where's my rag? Wrenching bikes can be a drag! I wanna ride but you say no, I hafta wrench before I go. Last time out I was untrue, I didn't wrench-I faked the flu. You saw my game and won't let me pass, you refuse to run on love and gas. What the hell... I have the tools let's rock-n-roll. No time to bop, to slack or stroll. Don't push your luck, you'll get a shine-the spray wax one, not the full works kind! Now you feel good but I feel best, just wait a min while I grab my vest. Glad that's done now let's catch air-wrenchin' bikes-life just ain't fair!

DD 3/09/10   

unexpected friendship Posted on Mar 03, 2010 at 10:54 AM

"Unexpected Friendship"

When someone comes into your life in an unexpected way-you wonder how it came to be and hope they plan to stay. Its seems so starange-they comfort you, make you laugh and cry. They seem in tune with your subtle moods, know if you're low or high.  So sure I knew just where to look to find a loyal friend; life tricked me in a stunning way just up around that bend. As I turned the corner I thought I led the way. Instead to my intense delight, surprise had come my way. You came to me and offered peace, a gentle heart that mends. I'm so happy that we've met at last-my unexpected friend.

DD 3/3/10 (for Heather)

the road less traveled Posted on Mar 02, 2010 at 08:37 AM
"The Road Less Traveled" Riding cold steel into the morning mist revealed a road with a special twist. A fork beckoned me to make a choice; which one appealed to my inner voice? The high road made a pretty sight, with plenty of twists-both lefts and rights. Worn smooth and sure from many a ride: choose well traveled? I must decide! The other road was dappled o'er with a carpet of leaves from the entwining branches of the sentinal trees. Where it led I could not tell; I prayed for heaven and screamed for hell. A twist of the throttle and my choice was made, my hand was shown, my cards were played. The road less traveled-don't lose control. Ride slow and easy that's how I roll... DD 3/2/10