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Posted on Apr 04, 2010 at 07:16 AM

"Obsidian" As I slept, it crept-close enough to envelop my soul. Inky black tendrils engulfed me infusing waves of melancholy into my very core. Unable to break free of despondency, I lay pensive and full of woe. The darkness of the room seemed light when juxtaposed against the noir statue I had become. Forlorn jet-black alluvium circulated through the recesses of my mind congealing on the synaptic passages of my thoughts-to it's grip I must succomb. If I capitulate, will it be an irrevocable surrender to the night? Mind, body, and soul, meld into quiescent agreement; to joust with thoughts of conquest is mere vanity. Light you are anathema to me! Be forever banished from my sight! DD 4/4/10

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