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Posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 02:17 PM

"Judy's Highway Cafe" It was a tiny joint right on the main drag. We pulled up intending just to use the can. It was full of character, that hole-in-the-wall place. Sweating over the grill stood one mountain of a man. Biker nostalgia gave the walls flavor to spare. Tattoos were the sleeves that he bore on his arm. A one percenter for sure, I thought to myself. I avoided his eyes and ducked into the john-to avoid coming to harm. We bravely decided to stay and asked for a menu. "You want a burger or bratt?" he said in a gravelly voice. He looked at us with disgust when we ordered up soda, not a fine German beer. We quickly said burgers and silently thought-not much of a choice. I tried not to look too closely at how clean the place might be. I was right about one thing, he was an old Angel from Hell. I saw some club ink when he slid the food to us at the bar where we sat. The rain kept things slow, so he grunted a few words-we stayed for a spell. His outside was as rough as they come, have no doubt. On the inside I believe he is a pretty good Joe. The food was delightful, served up in a basket. A saw-buck each paid the tab and then it was time to go. The place can be found on route one in Tequesta. In the end I'm so glad we decided to stay. Enjoy a great putt right next to the coast. Then stop for some eats at Judy's Highway Cafe! DD 4/11/10

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