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Posted on Mar 31, 2010 at 12:50 PM

like a scene from an old movie, Cat Ballou he opened his trunk and pulled out the carefully packed items, laying them out upon his bed. he dressed with the dignity and style of a matador, first, his favorite black shirt with it's shiny silver buttons, next his trousers black leather, and shining in the sunlight placing his leather belt on he admired it's heavy silver buckle then he put on his boots, special boots purposeful boots laced tall. he reached for his black leather jacket, and grabbed his white helmet, after putting on his sunglasses he climbed upon his steed, deep sapphire blue shining brightly the metallic particles in the paint. nudging the starter button he awakened the beast, groggily it arose suddenly fully alert, awakened well rested. together they slowly meandered about regaining comfort in each other. how quickly he thought they became one, in tune with each other after such slumber.... what was it? four months? smile came upon his face, he knew it was inevitable for each time just he and his steed went upon their journeys it awoke something deep inside him. something difficult for him to explain, something he cherished each time it happened but this feeling this joy he always wished to put into words. the time alone his mind ran as fast as his steed thoughts, new stories to tell, forgotten smells when forced through his nostrils made him sigh. slow winding paths warm sunlight upon his face new growth new cedar outside in his world he was amazed how differently it all looked. like 3-D like a halo gram each object bright to his attention so close he felt he could just reach out and touch it. he breathed in and exhaled slowly, he felt anew alive rejuvenated awake after such a slumber. nothing at all like while in his cage boxed in with four walls, windows, tires no, upon his steed he was alive he was whom he is deep within inside where his spirit lives dreams and shows. he laughed it had taken no time at all! not an hour not a half hour but nearly one quarter of an hour and he came alive.

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