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Posted on Wed, May 16, 2007 09:12

Vietnam - Vietnamese ministries are completing documents guiding the import of high-cylinder motorcycles (over 175cc) following the country's WTO commitments to do so as of May 31. Once the decree is issued, Harleys and choppers of all sorts might be seen cruising Saigon boulevards, delta paddies and mountainous highways atop northern peaks. Deputy finance minister Truong Chi Trung said the decree is set to be issued next week by the ministries of trade, finance, public security, and transportation. The forthcoming document will specify details on the import of high-cylinder motorcycles such as customs procedures, required conditions for driving license, types of vehicles to be imported, tax rates and safety and exhaust fume indexes among others. Under Vietnam's WTO commitments, high-cylinder motorcycles will be eligible to enter the country at the end of this month with no limitations on quantity. Previously, the import and circulation of high-cylinder motorcycles of more than 175cc has been banned in the country. Until now, these vehicles have only been allowed in the country with special permits for designated purposes. The Ministry of Finance said that a temporary tax rate of 90 percent may be imposed on high-cylinder motorcycles - the same as on motorbikes. Besides the import tax, a 10 percent value added tax (VAT) will also be imposed. A $5,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle (the cheapest they come) will cost $10,000 in Vietnam. Motorbike traders said that importers would only import motorcycles in small quantities to begin with. With the forthcoming removal of the ban, several big motorcycle manufacturers, including the US-based Harley Davidson, expressed their plan to sell motorcycles on Vietnamese market. Both local importers and high-speed addicts are very excited about the presence of such high-cylinder motorcycles. According to the Ministry of Trade, strict requirements will be imposed to ensure safe driving. For example, only those aged from 25 to 55 will be allowed to drive high-cylinder motorcycles. The buyers and users of motorcycles are required to have a license granted by competent authorities and vehicles distributors will only be allowed to sell motorcycles to those who have the license.

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Posted on Fri, May 18, 2007 00:11

Wild, Some time ago I seen an article where you can go to Vietnam and rent a scooter and ride the Ho Chi Minh trail. It blew me away because I was at a fire base on the trail and part of your job was to make sure that did not happen. How times change. Spyder

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