First Date Ideas

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  • 54wideglide54 ( 53 / W / Hillsborough, NJ )

    A nice ride. Maybe to Hawks Nest and then a bite to eat

  • whitneylouise ( 21 / W / Market Rasen, England - Lincolnshire )

    I am not very picky when it comes to first dates/meeting people however I think something different and exciting makes it more interesting

  • harleyLove1 ( 65 / W / Rio Linda, CA )

    My ideal date is to meet for lunch or dinner and get to know each other to see if we are compatible or not. Then go on a ride, and make plans for a second or third date.

  • Aprodite ( 35 / W / Effingham, IL )

    Out and about on the bike with the wind in our face and the sun on our back. Dinner or whatever else we decide to do.

  • Senator88 ( 36 / M / Boca Raton, FL )

    A ride to somewhere, anywhere. Preferably a place rich in natural beauty, far far away from malls and crowds.

  • WWstreetglide ( 42 / M / Denver, CO )

    Go for a ride (unless it is snowing), grab a drink and see if we like each other. If we do, we can go from there. All about having fun!

  • Newgent ( 36 / M / Sunderland, England - Tyne and Wear )

    Lets just ride somewhere get some good food and get to know each other a bit :)

  • devildog12 ( 34 / M / Hanover, MD )

    Just going out for a ride and getting to know each other. We will let the road decide what we do

  • IwillDriveUcrazy ( 44 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    Riding!!! Take me riding somewhere like the mountains or somewhere romantic.

  • kudave ( 25 / M / Warren, MI )

    We ride somewhere for a meal. You're welcome to ride with me, or ride your own bike.

  • DragonMom ( 49 / W / Goodyear, AZ )

    Bike ride, coffee or happy hour

  • BlkLacenLeather ( 63 / W / Nepean, ON )

    Depending on the season,Sommer.A long bike ride with no destination in mind with a picnic ! Winter a long walk through the woods with my dog and new Friend.

  • _Thorn_ ( 40 / W / Henderson, NV )

    I like to go for a ride out to one of the local joints out here. I usually like to check out the local biker bar scene. Often there's a Southern Rock or Blues band playing. Dinner before is always nice.

  • meemee64 ( 62 / M / Erin, ON )

    go for a ride or meet at bike show

  • ersaeys ( 32 / M / Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen )

    Riding our motorcycles, to the movies and going to a bar afterwards if it clicks or if we're just curious :)