First Date Ideas

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  • Mgm1973 ( 43 / W / El Centro, CA )

    I honestly do not know because I have not dated in about 5 years

  • CaptRib ( 65 / M / Saint Louis, MO )

    "First date" is AFTER a meet & greet, check under the hood, kick the tires, peek at the price sticker and then mutually decide if/when we want to have one.

  • RHumes ( 46 / M / Lebanon, TN )

    What ever the lady wants to do because as the man it's my job to make sure she is taken care of and happy

  • Wannahavfun ( 51 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    What ever happens at that unknown factor

  • crazysexywheels ( 59 / M / Erie, PA )

    Talk to each other on the phone, for sure.

  • Tattedtrash77 ( 39 / W / Columbia, MO )

    Just the 2 of us getting to know you....and anything on a bike woukd be great for me

  • Luv2have_fun ( 48 / W / Eureka, MO )

    A little wind therapy...Lunch somewhere off the beaten path a drink and lots of laughs.

  • KitchenKissing ( 56 / W / Spokane, WA )

    Maybe drinks, play some pool?

  • LonleyonVanIsle ( 55 / W / Shawnigan Lake, BC )

    You, me, a lovely stretch of open road to explore and share together. A gorgeous clear day. Curvy roads leading to a glorious place for a picnic lunch. We take our time visiting, laughing, and creating memories together...  read more>>

  • Ameretto ( 48 / W / Tiffin, OH )

    A nice quiet place to be able to talk and get to know each other. Maybe a walk under the stars.

  • Janesaddiction ( 51 / W / Apache Junction, AZ )

    We don't need to go anywhere baby. You know that,

  • MarshaJ ( 53 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Go for a ride...duh! lol First date could be anything, but it's a first date so won't we both be a little nervous? Something fun or lite so we can have time to chat and see if we enjoy each others company.

  • rlabare ( 43 / M / Marble Falls, TX )

    The first date could be meeting for coffee, having a bite to eat for lunch or having dinner and then going for a walk in the park.

  • Freebird314 ( 52 / W / Fulton, TX )

    Spend part of the day at the beach, then ride til the sun goes down. Park the bike for the night and visit the local corner bar where everybody goes to shoot pool and play darts.

  • Chelley ( 51 / W / Seattle, WA )

    Dinner, coffee, a walk to name a few. Pinball Museum could be fun too!