Sporting Events

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  • falsam ( 37M / Fort Riley, KS )


    Just two of us... Probably full of fun to prompt another date..

  • claudia1987 ( 28F / El Paso, TX )


    Dinner and movie getting to know each other over a nice conversation

  • Monika147 ( 44F / Miami, FL )


    Whatever we decide ! Anything on the bike is good :)

  • Romantic101 ( 34F / Calgary, AB )


    Maybe watch some sort of sport. Throw the football around, I'm easy going. I'm sure we can think of something.

  • TyResch ( 29M / Denver, CO )


    Ride down to Coors field and check out a Rox game. Plenty of time to get to know each other without the awkward silence.

  • Leticia39 ( 39F / Hayward, CA )


    That would be my first pick. Maybe dinner before.

  • JOBAR13 ( 69F / Sudbury, ON )


    Car or Bike Show, Boats or Motorhome Show. Could be an outdoor flea market.

  • Blondie1462 ( 52F / Louisville, TN )


    Meet for a casual drink or coffee then if we hit it off maybe go for a ride get out and enjoy the view

  • SargeSlope ( 42M / Albuquerque, NM )


    Coffee or Drinks to get to know each other.

  • Gr8t4me ( 50F / Graham, WA )


    Any sporting event would be a nice 1st date. I happen to be a bigger Mariner fan then Seahawk.

  • roaster52 ( 54M / Winthrop, MA )


    First I look to meet or the old school way and pic her up at home. I would bring a small gift or something. A little small talk then head for the park hoping the seats are good . Then maybe a late diner or go to the nort  Weiter>>

  • dartman2011 ( 54M / Cedar Hill, TX )


    just get out and have a good time Restaurant dancing ,baseball game ,good motorcycle ride .

  • sexyjanet1 ( 52M / Los Angeles, CA )


    I have not been in any relationship much and am out here to seek for my soulmate

  • Summerrider80 ( 56F / La Crosse, WI )


    Watching a Packer game together since it is time to put the bike away for the season.

  • tymetofly ( 42F / Plainwell, MI )


    I think a great first date is going to a race track. Not too personal. Something to divert your attention periodically but still a chance to talk and a lot of action going on.