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  • Lowcruiser ( 68 / M / Eloy, AZ )

    A ride out to a good breakfast restaurant, a good breakfast, and a long ride to another point of adventure on the map.

  • littlecuz54 ( 60 / M / Elyria, OH )

    To take a ride out to a restaurant or coffee shop, have a nice time talking, then take a putt, stop to take a small ice cream break and talk some more, the take off again until we need a break. Returning later after watc...  read more >>

  • Julie21 ( 48 / W / Hagerstown, MD )

    An afternoon meeting at a bistro, then maybe a casual walk on a scenic tour around town.

  • ezgbiker69 ( 54 / M / Largo, FL )

    first date should be at place both people feel comfortable. dinner, drinks, conversation and then decide where and what to do or go from there. possibly to continue date or seperate ways depends on the connection and con...  read more >>

  • RedRiderHood ( 56 / W / Monroe, GA )

    Ride>have meal/drink(talk)<@coffee shop/restaurant/fast food(not particular)

  • alrkrash ( 67 / M / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    It is not what I call a date, but a friendly meet and greet that leads to a first date. Meeting for coffee or a light meal works well.

  • aceman928 ( 57 / M / Orlando, FL )

    Since I like the beach I would invite you to eat by the ocean, we could spark-up a nice conversation. There's a lot of nice place to eat by the port at Cocoa beach area.

  • brasspipe ( 56 / M / Honesdale, PA )

    my idea of a first date ??? i don't know ..haven't been on one in so long ! i guess i would meet the lady for coffee or a drink and go from there ... this way if she or I dont feel it's going ok we both can bail out and...  read more >>

  • Luckey43 ( 75 / M / Mobile, AL )

    A Nice Smile. No front teeth need apply.

  • joefishs1 ( 58 / M / Windsor, CT )

    i think we could be an us. wanna try a cuppa at d d and se if we click.

  • nunner ( 60 / M / Adamstown, PA )

    Meet up and go for a ride, stop in some out of the way place for lunch, talk and see what happens

  • jeepchk36 ( 52 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    Maybe lunch or brunch somewhere and then a nice ride somewhere in the mountains.

  • Renegade2015 ( 57 / M / Mojave, CA )

    First would be a first ride of course, followed up by a nice place to have lunch and some conversation.

  • RiniBear ( 53 / W / Addison, TX )

    i guess best way to get to know me is asking me out for a coffee and if you are still interested then you can ask me out again. :) i dont play games, i am very honest & upfront.

  • debolish ( 57 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    We can meet for a drink or dinner. Go for a walk or play pool.