First Date Ideas

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  • RedRiderHood ( 54 / W / Monroe, GA )

    Ride>have meal/drink(talk)<@coffee shop/restaurant/fast food(not particular)

  • alrkrash ( 65 / M / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    It is not what I call a date, but a friendly meet and greet that leads to a first date. Meeting for coffee or a light meal works well.

  • aceman928 ( 55 / M / Orlando, FL )

    Since I like the beach I would invite you to eat by the ocean, we could spark-up a nice conversation. There's a lot of nice place to eat by the port at Cocoa beach area.

  • brasspipe ( 55 / M / Honesdale, PA )

    my idea of a first date ??? i don't know ..haven't been on one in so long ! i guess i would meet the lady for coffee or a drink and go from there ... this way if she or I dont feel it's going ok we both can bail out and...  read more>>

  • Luckey43 ( 73 / M / Mobile, AL )

    A Nice Smile. No front teeth need apply.

  • joefishs1 ( 57 / M / Windsor, CT )

    i think we could be an us. wanna try a cuppa at d d and se if we click.

  • nunner ( 59 / M / Adamstown, PA )

    Meet up and go for a ride, stop in some out of the way place for lunch, talk and see what happens

  • jeepchk36 ( 50 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    Maybe lunch or brunch somewhere and then a nice ride somewhere in the mountains.

  • Renegade2015 ( 55 / M / Mojave, CA )

    First would be a first ride of course, followed up by a nice place to have lunch and some conversation.

  • RiniBear ( 52 / W / Addison, TX )

    i guess best way to get to know me is asking me out for a coffee and if you are still interested then you can ask me out again. :) i dont play games, i am very honest & upfront.

  • debolish ( 56 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    We can meet for a drink or dinner. Go for a walk or play pool.

  • jamdean916 ( 57 / M / Mebane, NC )

    Getting together to see if we click to start with, maybe eat and find out what we are looking for.

  • KD1963 ( 53 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Just coffee and breakfast on a ride up the coast or in the mountains.

  • O6Roadglide ( 52 / M / Huntington Beach, CA )

    Early morning Ride up the coast. Stop for brunch. No set plan. Just ride

  • pfreeman ( 54 / W / Isanti, MN )

    My first date idea totally Depends on the person and our circumstances... Sorry, but is all I can say at this time.