Kulinarisches Abendteuer

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  • toro123 ( 63M / Las Vegas, NV )


    a nice time would be dinner at one of the many different ethnic mom and pop places that serve the best food and then a show .

  • jack_T ( 48M / Long Beach, NY )


    a great dinner on my boat..or a ride out in the blue...

  • nogames63 ( 52M / Randallstown, MD )


    first date is really just a meet and great to see whats next, maybe meet for a drink or walk.

  • LEGZALADIMUND ( 58F / Frazier Park, CA )


    I would like to meet for lobster and drawn butter. Somewhere quiet with a fireplace and a huge window to look out of. Look at what? Something I've never seen before.

  • classy_cowboy ( 58M / Burns, TN )


    I would love to cook you a great,very laid back dinner at my place in the country,where we could have time to talk to each other and really get to know each other. If the weather is good we could go for a ride on my Harl  Weiter>>

  • sevnteen ( 60F / Waterdown, ON )


    Just put me behind you and let's get lost somewhere.

  • ronzony2000 ( 65M / Deer Park, NY )


    Someplace casual and quite...a nice restaurant would probably be my preference

  • vonzipper13 ( 41M / Austin, TX )


    My first date is wine, fine food, lots of laughter, and your smile.

  • girlincognito ( 62F / Brookhaven, PA )


    How about we both put our brains together and come up with something above the crotch line; seriously, don't be a dick on the 1st date, maybe the 2nd, but not the 1st! Think your up for that challenge? I had to join this  Weiter>>

  • misskk2000 ( 49F / Tucson, AZ )


    For a first date I think an uncommon ground is the best place to get relaxed at, example I do not go bowling or to the driving range, so these type of places are fun first dates because it brings out some of ones true na  Weiter>>

  • vista150 ( 57M / Kerrville, TX )


    go with the flow , Santo coyote , medina , tx ?

  • VA_MTNMAN_2007 ( 55M / Pembroke, VA )


    Someplace where it's easy to talk and have some great food.

  • metsmedic ( 49M / Farmingdale, NY )


    First date is whatever is comfortable for you I am pretty easy.

  • candygal52 ( 63F / Bronx, NY )


    Meet for lunch or dinner, get a chance to talk

  • riceburner1958 ( 56M / Des Moines, IA )


    A cup of coffee, a ride, see what happens.