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  • JUSTREDDYTORIDE (55F/Gastonia, NC)



  • RoseWarrior (57F/Burlingame, CA)


    We arrive separately. We depart separately. Isnt it more refreshing and fun to get to know someone like over some time? Nature spot - public venue. Hike -bag lunch/snacks - we both bring and share...the weather is on our  Weiter>>

  • Rahhul (23M/Ranchi, Bihar)


    i want peace which i could get at peaceful place. At this time our mind becomes silence and at this time u can accelerate your thinking and knowledge

  • jubedobedo (53F/Warden, WA)


    Probably better to discuss and decide together,, but I don't require money being spent on me. Just want time to chat.

  • teddybear2008 (52M/Washington, DC)


    Just being able to spend time walking in the park or Hiking a trail to get a idea of the other person and get comfortable being with them

  • orion123 (51M/Fairmount, IN)


    Meet somewhere, and take along walk and get to know each other.

  • LadyV46 (50F/Seffner, FL)


    Dinner date at Medieval Times, fun entertaining evening and an awesome way to learn someones laughter and spirit.

  • TriZoey (56M/Scranton, PA)


    We can meet for lunch and then maybe dinner,see how lunch go's!

  • Jadexoxo (47F/North Babylon, NY)


    1st off IF Im actually saying yes to you then I obviously want to get to know you. The first date will have NOTHING to do with riding... I obviously know that about you already and that would be the point to get to know  Weiter>>

  • derbyshiref (45F/Belper, England - Derbyshire)


    something simple not complicated and a good sense f humour

  • dazzlingdeb (45F/Macon, GA)


    I do not have an ideal "first date"; anywhere open and public, a park, a walking trail, a school track, a coffee shop, book store, I am open to meeting most anywhere that we can walk and talk.

  • sweetheart1025 (52F/Temple, TX)


    A ride a sunset or a sunrise and lots of communication. Depends if you like coffee or not I guess.

  • Littlehan (50M/Moultrie, GA)


    Lets meet in person and then decide.

  • AlabamaAngel (49F/Wetumpka, AL)


    Meet for coffee and just sit and talk

  • Marine69 (63M/Jonesboro, IN)


    Good weather......a scooter ride, bad weather.......snuggle and a movie