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Nur kategorisiert werden Treten Sie jetzt bei und teilen Sie Ihre Erstes-Date-Vorschläge
Let's wing all depends on our vibe. We can always just pick a road and ...
I'd say a nice short ride for coffee and pie somewhere!
Nothing complicated, on the spot of the moment, lets be spontaneous
A lil early Mornin Fishin & then a beautiful ride cruising the Ozarks topped off...
1st the 1st Meet & Greet....then we both talk, but there's no 2nd...
Let's go for a ride and find a nice place to stop and get to know each other
Depends on mood . I really don't plan I like seeking where the road goes
A first date could be just having some coffee, going for a ride, dinner or anyth...
Go out for a ride, food, drink (not too much though)
I guess it depends on whats going on, we just have to get to know each other.
I'm open for suggestions on this one...just about anything except the movies..yo...
talk,, then ride to the beach ,, or anywhere
what makes a date perfect is who your with not what your doing. the best date ca...
Anything laidback and fun that gives you a chance to talk, but also avoid an awk...
I like to look at it as not a date but two new friends hanging together and gett...