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  • patriciaooz ( 37 / W / Rensselaer, NY )

    Steping out in public holding hand in hand

  • tornadorose ( 67 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    Meet in public at Denny's, Starbucks, Hooters or other place. Sit & talk & get to know each other. Ride to Capitol. I love their museums. I love the zoo, long bike rides, bluegrass music, billiards, & beaches.

  • LadySoftpaws ( 49 / W / North Arlington, NJ )

    My ideal first date would be to enjoy a day of good food and culture in the big city..

  • sanmiguelgirl ( 72 / W / Taos, NM )

    picnic in the mountains or by a lake or??????

  • LAToolMan ( 45 / M / Riverside, CA )

    Oh God, no pressure. I'll come back to this one. Sorry.

  • Irishflame ( 62 / W / Kernville, CA )

    Something fun but quiet enough to actually have a conversation. How else can you get to know each other?

  • abbymichu ( 49 / M / Morganton, NC )

    I think the perfect date for me would be a picnic someplace quiet, at sunset. No radio, just the sound of nature and the two of us talking. Conversation would flow easily, and we;d be in tune with each other

  • puremagic68 ( 49 / W / Germantown, MD )

    oh god...lets do something outside the norm...perhaps a gallery, feeding the seagulls french fries at mcdonalds, sailing paper boats on a lake, you get the idea...just somewhere no pressureish...and someplace we can be o...  read more >>

  • ducman2011 ( 61 / M / Santa Fe, NM )

    Would be just going out for coffee, maybe walking around town to get to know you. It's really important to take thing slowly and get to know each other. Maybe a casual lunch or museum visit.

  • yam54321 ( 55 / W / West Calder, Scotland - Midlothian )

    Coffee and walk maybe , weather permitting. ? South Queensferry or Kelvingrove ? Anywhere nice realy . Or wee beer if not riding bikes? Bags of chips and can iron bru acceptable but only if view good .

  • lizard1271 ( 46 / M / Argyle, TX )

    I would pick you up on my bike. We would go to a semi quiet place to have dinner and drinks then headff to a museum to walk and talk. Then head out to a beach to relax with our toes in the water

  • LilStar ( 58 / W / Kenoza Lake, NY ) to meet for coffee. short and sweet. the second date, well - that would be a ride to the river, a lake or a mountain.... lunch, ice cream.... then we'd walk........and we'd talk.

  • RodeWarrior ( 52 / M / Temecula, CA )

    Meet for causal lunch near the beach, go for a walk along the beach, then hopefully, hit it off so weel, that we meet for dinner and a movie.

  • EyesB_Blue ( 68 / M / New York, NY )

    A meet and greet at an interest place like a museum, then maybe a bite to eat.

  • gomezz55 ( 63 / M / Evans, GA )

    A little wine, a little ride, a little conversation...