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Sport treiben / Spielen Treten Sie jetzt bei und teilen Sie Ihre Erstes-Date-Vorschläge
Ride down to a coffee shop or casino.
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my was at beach, we are puting on the same cap that attract him so he came to me...
I believe the first date is the time to break the ice and what better way than o...
To me the first date is the most awkward, so it should be in a place around othe...
listening to a band, playing pool or darts, maybe dinner
well I would think that meeting at a Timmys would be fine and then a ride to a q...
I think bowling a few games would take the edge off (but doubt there will be any...
I've always thought that a first date should be fun. First dates are like interv...
Keine Ahnung der Ort muss einfach passen..
Ride through the orange fields to Ojai, have a nice lunch somewhere, take our ti...
it all just depends. have to get to know someone a bit before i decide where our...
Is some White Man out there sweep my away.......!.You need to by strong and * VI...
ride to the top of a moutain watch the sun set as you put your arms around me