Fancy Dining My favorite date ideas

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  • Drifterroadhouse ( 54M / Manteno, IL )


    I have no first date ideas, it would be something we both would decide on.

  • Bobwire62 ( 53M / Duncan, OK )


    A ride to a nice place to dine and get to know each other and than maybe a walk

  • Dinerdog1 ( 67M / Saint Louis, MO )


    First date I think should be daytime lunch or coffee . If it goes well then dinner and candlelight .

  • douglasrichard ( 71M / Aurora, CO )


    Always up for a nice easy slow dinner with time to talk and if things go well a movie or some music and dancing,preferably two stepping. Entirely up to you.

  • 5harleycoolman ( 47M / Locust Grove, VA )


    How about trip to cruise or walk on sand to watch moon or you name it any place that would be a decision with agreements !

  • ThunderRon ( 61M / Salem, OR )


    How about we go to a nice quiet place for dinner and get to know each other?

  • Dougienot ( 56M / Oakland, ME )


    Go to "Bar Harbor",Mess aaround then have dinner at the "RipTide".Check out the beach.Later if we get along,see what happens.

  • NomadBrad2000 ( 50M / Deltona, FL )


    We could have a nice dinner, then go for a ride on my Harley, if you like... Or just go for a walk on the beach, and talk.

  • therideneverends ( 64M / Monument, CO )


    a long ride then diner and some time alone with my new sweetheart

  • deedee2021 ( 56W / Lenoir, NC )


    I think that will be something we discuss as we get to know each other could be coffee, or a drink maybe a walk or a ride.

  • chatfield ( 38W / Ipswich, England - Suffolk )


    go out for a nice meal if not i love to cook so we could have a nice meal then we could cuddle up and watch a film

  • WNCRider2000 ( 58M / Brevard, NC )


    If it is a night time date it would be a walk around town and dinner at a sidewalk cafe. If it was an all day date it would be an all day ride on backroads exploring small towns. Topped of by a romantic dinner.

  • scooter0642 ( 46M / North Bend, WA )


    i would take off to the oregon coast and go to a nice resreunt and have a nice dinner and a walk on the beach

  • highvolts56 ( 61M / Staten Island, NY )


    a nice romantic dinner by the water and a nice walk by the beach

  • dok6977 ( 64M / Lone Wolf, OK )