Sporting Events

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  • tymetofly ( 42F / Plainwell, MI )


    I think a great first date is going to a race track. Not too personal. Something to divert your attention periodically but still a chance to talk and a lot of action going on.

  • angel0972 ( 43F / Alsip, IL )


    Ideal first date would be a sporting event. I love all kinds of sports, especially Chicago teams (except for the Cubs - sorry!).

  • mainey06 ( 38F / Bangor, ME )


    Walk around anywhere abd talk.sitting outside at nite talking under the.stars.

  • acidjazz ( 34M / Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires )


    forget the coffee, let's ride!! ....

  • coach888 ( 69M / Bradenton, FL )


    Ride through countryside, nice dinner, walk maybe on a beach.

  • katey36 ( 39F / Buxton, England - Derbyshire )


    a wild day out on the back of your bike, perhaps to a racetrack, followed by fish and chips in the great outdoors

  • debrap31 ( 34F / Abbott, TX )


    If my first date is with someone I don't know well, I suggest meeting in a public place for coffee or a glass of wine. Agreeing to meet somewhere (instead of him picking me up) seems to help men feel more comfortable abo  Weiter>>

  • sexygloria91 ( 34F / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    A nice candle light dinner at night

  • Cardsfan ( 49F / Effingham, IL )


    Going to a Cardinals game or concert or roller derby bout would be fun. Or just take off and go for a bike ride. I have my days when getting out of dodge sounds good to me.

  • dabootydubs ( 40F / Spokane, WA )


    A first date... If we can hear one another and the atmospher is relaxed We should be able to at least laugh at one another. But a place where both people are able to carry on conversation and feel possitive vibes. Lunch  Weiter>>

  • Judyann ( 62F / Lake Worth, FL )


    Have a cup of coffee or drink or maybe a meal at a reaustrant by the water or just a nice quiet place by the water.

  • babyrn94 ( 53F / Valparaiso, IN )


    I am up for just about anything ....a cup of coffee, a drink or it really depends on the weather...spring and summer will be here soon so lets go for a ride! I will never say no unless it's freezing or pouring down rain  Weiter>>

  • mmmgoody ( 58F / Fresno, CA )


    Just meeting in a very public place just to get to know each other and find out our interests like a baseball game or something like that. Then maybe if we feel comfortable moving forward to some dinner with nice of glas  Weiter>>

  • bass1966 ( 48M / Valparaiso, IN )


    coffe, drinks, dinner, or ride on bike

  • winggirl ( 47F / Roseville, CA )


    There are so many different situations that people would consider a first date. My view of a first real date would be like this: After we have met and decided we would like to get to know each other better, A trip to the  Weiter>>