First Date Ideas

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  • Sweetcheeks1401 ( 47 / W / Metford, New South Wales )

    lets meet at a café or coffee shop, have a coffee and get to know each other

  • SeasonedRider ( 54 / M / Edmonton, AB )

    Something simple, coffee or drink at initial meetup, if there is a spark, we can then go for a walk at a park and get to know each other a little further!!

  • Dreetje ( 53 / W / Ilford, England - London )

    Just somewhere to meet up for a chat.... If I like you, then you can meet my motorcycle too! 🏍💨

  • Emptynester2 ( 58 / M / San Jose, CA )

    I think meeting for the first time is best for both parties, if it is casual and quiet, so we can talk.

  • DeadheadLisa ( 43 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    First date would need to be something ultra casual and not too time consuming. That way we can both see if theres a comfort level right away and if not end the date and move on. If so, well, we can certainly decide on so...  read more >>

  • foxinsocks ( 46 / W / Hendersonville, NC )

    Definitely something simple for starters and if all is going well we can take a ride or do something else that lets us continue getting to know each other.

  • Mojoma ( 59 / W / Harvey, IL )

    Some place quite so we can talk and get to know each other

  • 96RKLUVIT ( 54 / M / Panama City, FL )

    Just a laid back meet and greet!

  • LHLovely11311 ( 55 / W / Pampa, TX )

    Just a simple face-to-face over iced tea to introduce ourselves

  • harleywomenlover ( 45 / M / Chantilly, VA )

    Coffee chat at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks (live near by both) by getting to know each other. :)

  • KayLynn2000 ( 53 / W / Fayetteville, TX )

    Lets have coffee and check each other out!

  • Toolman2424 ( 52 / M / Princeton, MN )

    Lets meet for coffee. If there's an attraction we head out for a ride. Find a back road with some fun curves.

  • Whitemyfire ( 42 / M / Amarillo, TX )

    Coffee,at Roasters,get to know each other,Maybe dinner somewhere.

  • jason5150 ( 39 / M / Gilbert, AZ )

    Would be nice to meet up for a coffee and chat it up, see if we have any chemistry then if we do you can either hop on my bike or if you have your own we could ride to dinner...then go play some pool and maybe if we are...  read more >>

  • newport1 ( 57 / W / Wallingford, CT )

    I think the first date should be simple. A casual drink and apps or coffee.