First Date Ideas

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  • frannybop ( 51 / W / Edison, NJ )

    Pack a basket of food and go for a long ride to the country . Take a hike or a nap...just go with the flow

  • bluzmann ( 66 / M / Careywood, ID )

    Get our heads together on a destination and go for it!

  • Skipbreather ( 57 / M / Mason, OH )

    A quiet little cafe where we can talk and discuss our hopes and dreams for the future, not just the next summer's riding but beyond.

  • Kathleen2003 ( 53 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    My ideal first date would start at an interesting restaurant, preferably one I haven't been to before. The food should be tasty, chairs comfortable, and the atmosphere should promote private conversation. I also enjoy a...  read more>>

  • LatinoChief99 ( 59 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    Open to anything! A Sunday Brunch is a nice start! Then lunch at a nice cafe or diner, finally a romantic dinner and a movie! Just some ideas!

  • CajunChuck ( 63 / M / Smyrna, TN )

    Let's meet at Starbucks and get to know each other.

  • JustJillToo ( 54 / W / Guelph, ON )

    Out for a bite to eat or just a coffee to chat and get to know each other.

  • Vivrider ( 56 / M / Lakeville, MN )

    Depending on time of year group ride so no pressure for any one. Winter meet at a coffee shop.

  • okieterry ( 55 / M / Yucca Valley, CA )

    Meet someplace for coffee or lunch and spend some time talking,and go from there.

  • lowrider5057 ( 54 / M / Middletown, NY )

    Nice bike crises and dinner by the water or somewhere with a great view

  • Zasuland ( 31 / W / Miami, FL )

    I'm a vegetarian but I honestly don't mind a man who loves meat! So I guess I'd like to cook a good steak for him, relax with a bottle of pinot noir, outside, warm summer breeze, talk until dark and laugh!

  • k100rs ( 60 / M / Douglas )

    Far from the maddening crowd. Rural roads, warm sunshine, ride slow - see more. A date in Europe in or Southern or North Africa sounds like a good beginning to what could turn out to be a fabulous relationship that knows...  read more>>

  • chickbartender ( 48 / W / Jefferson, MA )

    It's riding season!!!!!! Let's go! I'll have to borrow your back seat though ;) To all who just want to hang out!! get ahold of me! I'll go with you!!

  • Babette ( 56 / W / Munich, Bayern )

    Darf ich dich auf Highheels in ein Restaurant deiner Wahl begleiten ;-)) ???

  • susieq79 ( 57 / W / Largo, FL )

    coffe or drinks somewhere quite so we can get to know each other. Then, if we can still stand to be in the same zip code, lol, maybe dinner and then ride to a beach bar.