First Date Ideas

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  • gotyourback1 ( 60 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Ride to an outside bar/restaurant, have a drink and appetizer, talk and find out more about each other, listen to live music, and be ourselves, relaxing and enjoying each others' company. On the ride home, know we both l...  read more >>

  • Mustang2011 ( 54 / W / Eltham, Victoria )

    First date long ride pub and band and home cooked meal.

  • RedRyder1863 ( 52 / M / Salina, KS )

    Figure you might as well hop on and go for it..

  • NicobBue ( 32 / W / Belle River, ON )

    I think I'll opt for the standard, dinner and drinks, and if your lucky...maybe a kiss

  • josez1962 ( 55 / M / Ogden, UT )

    "First dates can be awkward because you don't know each other's likes and dislikes. It's best to stay away from bars, clubs and even movies. Places like these don't give you a chance to talk and decide if you want t...  read more >>

  • daveri1961 ( 56 / M / Deltona, FL )

    Lets see,I would take them to a nice resturant,maybe a movie,a walk on the beach if we like each other,sit and talk get to know each other,maybe play some pool or go bowling something fun and relaxing

  • Sunshine1420 ( 52 / W / East Bend, NC )

    Dinner, live music, movie, maybe shoot pool.

  • Kookie2000 ( 52 / W / Benton, AR )

    Have a great dinner an go for a ride on your bike

  • sunshine2078 ( 61 / W / Wiggins, MS )

    How about a phone call. Meet, doesn't matter where to me. I try to stay away from eating. It's just mandatory..Ha..Get to know each other. Have a few beers. Dance. Ride. Laugh.

  • distractedez ( 39 / W / Great Mills, MD )

    First dates can be so awkward. Going to listen to some live music offers an opportunity for conversation, but takes some of the pressure off and reduces the feeling of awkward silence.

  • southerngal2011 ( 40 / W / Conway, SC )

    going to get a bite to eat, and then walking on the beach. Maybe taking a ride!!!!

  • whererweridin ( 52 / M / Hillsboro, OH )

    The idea of a first date is just that, an idea.

  • Mysticgypsy ( 53 / W / Lawrenceville, GA )

    I like the first date to be out in a crowd. Starting with dinner maybe trying something that the other hasn't ever tried before...Then off to Karaoke... weather you can sing or not!!!!

  • KittyKat7769 ( 50 / W / Rapids City, IL )

    A first date idea, hmmm. Interesting concept. I guess dinner and/or maybe drinks would be nice. See a live band afterwards. Maybe even some dancing. Not that slow, waltzy, ballroom stuff. I love to rock n roll.

  • rikkifin2000 ( 56 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    No expectations. Just relax. I don't need to IMPRESS anyone. Nor should you. We like what what we like. Maybe it will workout. Walkaway as friends. NO PRESSURE.