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  • harleyallundy ( 60M / Des Moines, IA )


    enjoying a mild sunny day on my bike with a freind,wind in the hair,some live music @ the end of the day with a smile on your face-leaving the every day grind and stress out on the open road!

  • bigbandit ( 40M / Dewsbury, England - West Yorkshire )


    pick you up on the bike and go to a cafe . if you like a meal perhaps.

  • shovelhead5345 ( 60F / Heber Springs, AR )


    My dating days are over . MY husband is asking for a real confrontation if this dont stop . This is not a joke to me and I see i cant trust him . Wish i didnt love him .Would be so easy to just leave and divorcee but not  Weiter>>

  • songbird50 ( 53F / Vero Beach, FL )


    Anything from dinner, live music, movies, or art shows.

  • creek_lady64 ( 49F / Xenia, OH )


    Going to listen to a band, a drink..etc. Whatever sounds good at the time.

  • cbdw2001 ( 46M / Braselton, GA )


    Im pretty easy going but I would prefer to do it on 2wheels

  • jessiejayne ( 34F / Paducah, KY )


    Having fun and not having 2 pay 4 my own.

  • rockcandy ( 51F / Springfield, MO )


    First dates should be stress-free but rarely are! Ideally a nice dinner, a cruise on a bike and see where things go ...maybe to a club or somewhere to hear a great local band.

  • cooter232 ( 63M / Palm Coast, FL )


    Some place public to get to know each other. A ride on the bike.

  • xenafy ( 22F / Longwood, FL )


    concerts!!!! movies, dinner, party, things like that

  • kharmadog ( 56M / Denver, CO )


    long ride to the beach , bottle of wine and a blanket...

  • precious66 ( 48F / Tell City, IN )


    gettin to know one and another

  • grumpy001 ( 49M / Sioux City, IA )


    my first date should be fun for both people

  • TRISH20002000 ( 42F / Easton, PA )


    What about a drink and get to know each other in person.

  • daisygirl66 ( 48F / Idaho Falls, ID )


    The first date.. well i guess it would be simple some where to have an appetizer and a couple drinks just to see if the spark is there. It's the scent date that matters