Live Music / Concerts My favorite date ideas

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  • Sunny02 ( 58 / W / Randolph, NJ )

    Meeting at an outdoor place to enjoy the sun, music and get to know one another-then a ride through the beautiful countryside.

  • nubliss ( 52 / W / Mount Pleasant, MI )

    casual, like coffee or a park.

  • hrlychk59 ( 55 / W / Fuquay Varina, NC )

    Meet for drinks, coffee and see where it goes from there. Has to be chemistry between us, or not..those guys would be "friends"!

  • Roadglidegirl ( 50 / W / Lynnwood, WA )

    Meet for a drink, if things go well we stay and listen to the music.

  • lagaerab ( 59 / W / Lake Forest, CA )

    My first date is gonna be someone who doesn't need to get drunk, hanging out with alot of people around is good, being treated like a lady, If were gonna call it a date then you better be flipping the bill. if it's just  more>>

  • theseeyes ( 48 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    This may not be the perfect first date to some but I beleive a perfect first date should be (A GREET AND MEET) so nobody should feel as if they are owed or if they owe something to the other person(Time Money ect.)! No o  more>>

  • karengage ( 69 / W / Ottawa, IL )

    My perfect first date would be going to a very nice restraunt & having a drink or a candlelite dinner & after dinner going to a nice park & taking a nice walk where we can talk & get to know each other better.

  • dsimbro ( 47 / W / Council Bluffs, IA )

    Meet for drinks and if that goes well maybe a ride. Totally casual

  • Goldielotts ( 61 / W / Greensboro, NC )

    Just something simple .Coffee shop or a Restraunt

  • AirForceLa ( 54 / M / Mandeville, LA )

    First date could be going to have a nice meal somewhere quiet so i can focus on getting to know you, and taking a walk maybe on the Lakefront in Mandeville where i live on a nice day, and we could always just do what eve  more>>

  • lookin39too ( 53 / W / Gainesville, GA )

    Make a suggestion - live music is always good, or meet for a boat ride.

  • QueenKey ( 45 / W / Redding, CA )

    Going on a long safe ride..having dinner and talking. (getting to know one another) Pretty basic.

  • dobermanchic ( 56 / W / Union City, IN )

    Get to know each other, go somewhere have fun and figure it out. Looking for someone to be real with.

  • mustangtrax ( 54 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    Ride, ride, ride. I very seldom turn down an offer to ride. I have my own bike and can hold my own with seasoned riders. However, I also enjoy riding behind a man. I still feel like a new rider after only gripping the ba  more>>

  • Fanny1957 ( 58 / W / Overland Park, KS )

    A ride on the Harley, no doubt. Dinner in a quiet spot drinks perhaps.