First Date Ideas

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  • dan_wrinkles ( 56 / M / Grafton, WI )

    a evening ride along the river, then a drink at the Road House in cedarburg...

  • 1thumb ( 54 / M / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Boat ride ( I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, concert, restaurant, movie, museum, etc. Really most anything. Always ready to check out something new! Prefer someone close to where I am.

  • Harleymarine06 ( 64 / M / Kenosha, CT )

    My first date would be a sunny day light lunch at an outdoor cafe for a chat and then a ride to the foothills and then stop at a scenic area for more lite conversation...

  • ThreeDTwin ( 70 / W / Florence, AL )

    Depending on the weather, and the time of year..getting out on your Harely for a little trail blazing, or a fabulous dinner, that would be cozy, and we could talk for hours, or even a movie..and after, a nice place to ge...  read more>>

  • jakeofhearts ( 52 / M / Surrey, BC )

    burger and a beer sounds like a good starting point

  • bluerdgrider4 ( 54 / M / Franklin, NC )

    dinner i a chance to talk...

  • DWEB1960 ( 55 / W / Laurel, MD )

    Nice little dinner for two maybe some wine, talk to get to know each other see wher it goes.

  • 1Decoy ( 47 / W / Dunkirk, MD )

    Something casual would be best, just to meet and talk for a little while-

  • Nthe662 ( 49 / W / Starkville, MS )

    Coffee at a fast food place -- get a look at each other (smile)

  • roadglide1492 ( 67 / M / Suffolk, VA )

    I like to ride. No place in particular, just ride. Coffee and snack or light meal and Tea(sweet). I also like to talk. You may get in a few words now and then. I enjoy all types of music but RAP. I like to slow dance and...  read more>>

  • Joker1965 ( 50 / M / Wilmington, NC )

    Along ride through the country, dinner, short walk under a full moon holding hands, talking getting to know one another.

  • IRONHORSES0308 ( 68 / M / Seymour, MO )

    A ride thru the backroads, a picnic along the river/lake under a huge shade tree, window shopping hand in hand, a Cardinal ballgame, Chief's football, romantic dinner followed by a night on the dance floor....what are so...  read more>>

  • countryboy1990 ( 25 / M / Lincoln, AL )

    I'd like to ride somewhere and just chill for a while

  • LilRedBit ( 52 / W / Portland, OR )

    Meet up and talk, maybe play a little pool...something along those lines.

  • DeadLeg ( 49 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    Get to know each other learn like and dislikes