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  • hdrider87 ( 63M / Tawas City, MI )


    let's take a ride some where then get something to eat or drink

  • wacky55 ( 59M / Arlington, TX )


    meet and greet and go for a ride

  • apehangers ( 58M / Fort Madison, IA )


    Something casual. Dinner so we can get to know each other then go for a ride.

  • heyjude1228 ( 65F / Essexville, MI )


    First date would be drinks and dinner somewhere you can actually hear the other person's conversation! Or a bike ride Up North for sightseeing and a picnic lunch.

  • ruff46 ( 67M / Austin, TX )


    My first date would include a nice dinner, great conversation and plenty of smiles.

  • getwhileucandy ( 52F / Vermilion, OH )


    A nice sunny day, some long winding roads, a Harley and a hot guy!

  • chloes ( 55F / Hall County Regional Airport, NE )


    Dinner and getting to know each other. Going Some where on motorcycle.

  • StephenP ( 53M / Melbourne, Victoria )


    Dinner and a movie , or movie then dinner ;)

  • tagegirl ( 53F / Portland, OR )


    Dinner and cocktails with a water view, river, lake or ocean

  • WOOHOOSUE ( 53F / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    It would be nice to take a Saturday road trip

  • ATTILA61 ( 53M / Lodi, NJ )


    a long ride up to the mountains (to see if you are into riding... lol!) what else???

  • hddad65 ( 49M / Lutz, FL )


    I think a cruise up the coast, stopping occasionaly to chat and get to know each other. Realy wherever it takes us. We know in the first meet if this is someone I want to know or not. No matter it all needs to be casual  Weiter>>

  • mshrlygr1 ( 44F / Stockton, CA )


    Being on back of a harley sightseeing and holdin on tight

  • quazi77 ( 56M / Union City, MI )


    A quiet dinner then a ride to lake michigan to set and watch the and see if the spark is there...if so then take the evening from there

  • RENEE2000 ( 59F / Los Angeles, CA )


    Catching a early ride to see the sunrise.