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  • Flightgirl ( 46F / Santa Rosa, CA )


    Something the water.....with a bike....or a boat :-)

  • CaptAGang ( 51M / Waxhaw, NC )


    Either to fly to Charleston, SC or to the mountains for a wonderful day there or do it on the Harley to the NC mountains for the day. Stop and have a drink and chat and just enjoy the time out to get to know each other.

  • Crossfire ( 47M / Austin, TX )


    Meeting at a Texas bike friendly spot, listening to live music and telling tall tales...

  • arklittlesis ( 46F / Walnut Ridge, AR )


    A long ride on the bike iletn stop and talk a whhe

  • rides4us ( 58M / Schenectady, NY )


    I like to ride the back roads to nowhere, anywhere and see everything. I enjoy Riding, hiking seeing Mother Natures Landscape.

  • Debiann ( 53F / Heber Springs, AR )


    Public place, coffee or tea. Quaint, quiet, cafe with a relaxed casual setting. If both parties wish to continue the date further, dinner or entertainment could be decided then. You're only obligated to acquaint over a c  Weiter>>

  • Valkbj30 ( 53M / Aurora, CO )


    A lunch ride through Golden Gate and Coal Creek Canyons, stopping in WonderVu for lunch.

  • dee0825 ( 59F / Seminole, FL )


    A cold drink and maybe a short ride on the beach.

  • Rdking2ride ( 57M / Long Beach, NY )


    Meet for a cup of coffee at Star Bucks and have a good conversation.

  • NINA1961 ( 54F / Mechanicsburg, PA )


    There is really no way to describe a first date. It could be a candle lite romantic dinner with a good bottle of wine or meeting for coffee.

  • wheels2001 ( 54M / Byron Bay, New South Wales )


    probably sit around in a bar and talk about each other,untill we can find somone else to pick on! or meet up for a ride and a nice lunch !

  • HarleyMiles ( 57F / Sand Lake, MI )


    Maybe a ride along the lake shore to a lake side pub where we can talk and get to know each other better.

  • Copper23 ( 61F / Bradenton, FL )


    Anywhere outdoors in the sun, moving around

  • punkin5454 ( 61F / Marion, IA )


    nice ride in the country to see the leaves change or trees budding, beautirfl lanscape, maybe a few stops for a bite to eat and chat to get to know each other

  • sidecar78 ( 68M / Scarsdale Park, NY )


    A ride up the Merritt or Taconic Parkway. A ride over the Bear Mountain Bridge. A ride to the motorcycle museum in Newburgh, New York. Enjoying a meal together.