First Date Ideas

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  • oliviasdh ( 37 / W / Vienna, Wien )

    I would love to spend the day at an amusement park and at the end of the day have a romantic dinner.

  • Mickee ( 67 / W / Dunedin, FL )

    A very good first date would be dinner overlooking the beach, followed by a slow walk enjoying the sunset. A glass of wine would be the finishing touch.

  • TeeZerWooD ( 38 / W / Kennedale, TX )

    I guess it all depends on the weather & the mood.

  • MsBluryrdCajunno ( 60 / W / Houston, MO )

    Meet in a public but sort of private place so you can have all your date attention;] A hug , is good ;} A kiss says alot:] Talk for atleast 2 hours if interested

  • babeliner2001b ( 62 / W / Sudbury, ON )

    this is a hard one to answer, until we chat, see what each other like....

  • HarleyWorthy ( 60 / W / Columbus, GA )

    Sittin' on my doorstep Gazing at the moon The rumble in the distance Says he'll be here soon To fly me through the moonlight And put my mind at ease Just ridin' with my baby In the warm summer breeze

  • Lafroggiemama ( 45 / W / Plainfield, IN )

    how bout a ride to dinner n see how the chemistry .is and then maybe a movie or comedy club

  • Mightydyna ( 56 / W / Gettysburg, PA )

    Coffee, drinks, dinner, a ride or other I'm flexible

  • KissThis2011 ( 64 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Have a nice dinner and go for a motorcycle ride.

  • 99louis ( 60 / M / Braidwood, IL )

    Nice quiot place to talk of likes&dislikes&just finding out the good things about each other.

  • sheilds ( 51 / M / Windsor Mill, MD )

    How about we have breakfast at a restaurant and then go on a window shopping spree for bikes while at the same time getting to know one another,afterwards take a nice walk where we can share our personal thoughts and opi...  read more>>

  • DixieDeb ( 54 / W / Clayton, NC )

    Definitely not a "let's have dinner" type of person. Prefer to take a walk along the water or go fishing. Somewhere quiet so that a good conversation can be had.

  • hammer592000 ( 57 / M / Fond du Lac, WI )

    long ride nice dinner and a goodnight kiss

  • MrAppy ( 49 / M / Hopedale, IL )

    anything to talk, laugh, and see if somethings there. A bike ride, campfire, or whatever......

  • Harris0318 ( 57 / M / Palm Coast, FL )

    Maybe not a 'date' but a into get together. See how it goes!! Nothing to lose right?