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  • JMS2005 (55F/Hartford, CT)


    First Date - Something very casual and comfortable for both of us.

  • lilrnrlr (53F/Boca Raton, FL)


    Beach, then maybe grab a bite before hitting a Blues club and rock'n on the dance floor. But mostly someplace we can talk first and share a bit...see if there's any chemistry.

  • nycrider (54M/Far Rockaway, NY)


    a nice ride on my sprgr3,or the ultra, maybe coffee or a drink.

  • anglfth (41F/Lake City, FL)


    Dinner and some live rock music :)

  • sipa (55F/Denver, CO)


    Ridin', and more ridin', and then riding up the mountains. and then ridin' some more!

  • ThePig (53M/San Clemente, CA)


    Lunch, a glass of wine, or a walk on the beach would be nice.

  • dyamyst (45F/Arlington, TX)


    MMMM....first date ideas??? Well it has been a very long time since I have been on a date. I think I would just like to go out to dinner and get to know you. Maybe some local riding and out for a drink and to listen to s  Weiter>>

  • merlin18624 (45M/Oneonta, NY)


    a moonlit motorcycle ride, dinner, and movie

  • stinger8888 (39M/burlington, Ontario)


    keep it simple easy public meet, tea talk some and get to know each other, then ride..,.....

  • charm22 (57F/Phoenix, AZ)


    Cocktails at an outdoor cafe. By the beach has always been my favorite when I was in So, Cal.

  • jd8ac1 (59M/Fenton, MI)


    something not fancy, full of music and laughter

  • SisterLegs (49F/Brooklyn, NY)


    i am tired of the same ol' wine and dine 1st date/or the movies.lets try something different. Maybe go to the billiards, or a walk through the park, or we meet and just chill in the park. Or whatever should come to mind  Weiter>>

  • suka_72 (42F/perth, Western Australia)


    go to a good rock band n have a few drinks at the pub

  • bretdelman (46M/Savannah, MO)


    just get the fatboy out unless its too cold, heading to Daytona bikeweek in March!

  • madison1340 (61M/Council Bluffs, IA)


    Sometimes on a Thursday afternoon I go to see a Blues band play. We can get food and drinks and you can slip out the back if things take a bad turn like when you see me dance.