Random Daytime Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • seargentatarms ( 39W / Jacksonville, FL )


    Shooting range followed by ride to place of my choice. Distance determined by your attractiveness.

  • tmaria1 ( 46W / Stoney Creek, ON )


    oh God lets just do something I'm good...I don't complain...dress up dress down...outside....inside...on a bike in a car....here.....there....where?

  • bogg451 ( 59M / Woodsville, NH )


    That would depend on where we are and what is the most interesting there. quiet though so that we could talk and know eahc other better. but still have a good time....

  • dynawildeglide ( 58M / Xenia, OH )


    Meet at a restaurant or somewhere just to talk , and get to know one another. Go for a ride on my motorcycle or go on a bicycle ride, canoeing , or putt putting, anything to enjoy each others company.

  • azoutlaw4582 ( 53M / Phoenix, AZ )


    watching the sunrise in sedona after a long ride and sleeping under the stars

  • harley19692001 ( 46M / Altamonte Springs, FL )


    I would love to go on a ride with a girl, or maybe to a theme park. I like to workout too. Location is important but the company is more important.

  • Mike13000 ( 59M / Edenton, NC )


    A good first date would be to meet for lunch and a ride. Spend some time talking with one another and see if there is "chemistry"!

  • Harley8283 ( 51W / Beason, IL )


    Lunch or Dinner possibly a bike ride or a long walk & just time getting to know each other.

  • empiricalbat ( 38M / Columbus, OH )


    im a plan by attitude kinda guy ., im sorry to say i have no imaginary perfect dates .,i like talking finding out what common interests we might have first .,..........

  • CountryGirl2021 ( 55W / Athens, TN )


    something simple where we could talk and get to know one another, then maybe go for a ride.

  • FireNsoul ( 66W / Santa Barbara, CA )


    Coastal ride,and stop for Lunch

  • TXharleynana ( 53W / Willis, TX )


    My idea of a first date are a beautiful long ride to a great BBQ spot then as the sun is setting find a lake a sit on a blanket and watch the sun set and a nice ride home for a BBQ and a ice cold beer.

  • kaudyatas620 ( 39W / Stuart, FL )


    hanging out getting to know each other.

  • back2003 ( 46W / Monroeville, PA )


    A ride out to a favorite restuarant ...take the scenic route

  • VixCin ( 53W / Loxahatchee, FL )


    Ride of course, duh... I love to ride up the coastline and end up somewhere for lunch then scoot on back.