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  • LadyBoss ( 43F / Sayreville, NJ )


    I love to be on the back of the bike, so my perfect first date is when we meet up, talk a while, go for a ride, stop and talk some more, so on and so forth...

  • steelrose ( 58F / Ponchatoula, LA )


    Well, I think something simple. Like some dinner and maybe a few games of pool and a few brews. Just get to know each other.

  • Sunshine2061 ( 60M / Palmetto, GA )


    Meet somewhere casual for dinner or drinks. See if we have an interest in each other and go from there.

  • dirtypete ( 52M / Wenatchee, WA )


    whatever we decide,and what time of yr. it is. going for a walk,movies,or getting ink'd

  • 7ump_FLHTCU ( 64M / Louisville, KY )


    Meet up for a beer, just coffee or ice cream. Casual conversation. I guess a meet-up isn't a first date soooooooo maybe a first DATE should be casual with no expectations. I am certainly a romantic but I think I have to  Weiter>>

  • Speedybean ( 35M / Mesquite, TX )


    well that always depends on the talk, kind of plan as i go.

  • ridin4me ( 60F / Grand Rapids, MI )


    Love riding out by Lake MI or by any water really I love Rt 22 or any twisty that's ends at a great spot I've never been to Hang out for food, sightseeing or just shoot the breeze or some pool. Adventure finding new plac  Weiter>>

  • HotStuff1997 ( 53F / Winston Salem, NC )


    I am not a high maintenance gal. Let's meet for a wings at a local bar and see where it goes.

  • OriginallSinn50 ( 41F / Las Cruces, NM )


    We take a long ride, sit down for some good Mexican food, and see where the conversation goes from there.

  • rumyromeo ( 56F / Phoenix, AZ )


    pick 2 different places to go. 1 for breakfast & the 2nd for lunch. If everythings clickin' decide where dinner is gonna be >;)~

  • Prof_Adrenaline ( 45M / Euless, TX )


    Meet for dinner and drinks in Grapevine, and then go for a short ride around the lake while the sun is setting. Then go to the Glass Cactus for dancing, and spend some quality time getting to know you while setting out o  Weiter>>

  • sobeone ( 55M / Eaton, OH )


    Start with dinner then see where it goes from there.

  • Benden ( 56M / Pasadena, TX )


    any local event within our scope and various resorts

  • SRC66V2000 ( 48M / Dallastown, PA )


    Nice ride, dinner, maybe a drink, and if we're having a good time we can figure it out from there.

  • rebelson1950 ( 64M / Pineview, GA )


    well...basically my idea would be to make sure that my first date would be something that would make my date happy...anything other than that is up for grabs