First Date Ideas

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  • TxGirl7 ( 56 / W / Boyd, TX )

    Meet in a public place, visit and see how things go. Just something simple. Need to start out as friends first. If things click, then things will move on their on timing..

  • HDBob77 ( 56 / M / Vernon Rockville, CT )

    A nice ride and stop for a bite to eat. Then maybe a walk on the beach

  • bellamarie8 ( 53 / W / Spearfish, SD )

    Maybe a nice ride in the hills...a stop deadwood and some lunch.

  • Tommyt48 ( 54 / M / Beloit, WI )

    Going out getting lost maybe stopping to ask where the hell are we? going on from there just enjoying the ride and everything.

  • green4910 ( 66 / W / Richmond Hill, ON )

    How about a coffee at Timmies - they have a great escape route if things aren't going well

  • Cyndy19 ( 54 / W / Ridgeway, VA )

    Something that we both would like to do.!!!

  • sunshine49 ( 55 / W / Kershaw, SC )

    My first Idea for a date is to maybe meet at a restaurant or ice cream shop or any place that is public

  • tammy471 ( 46 / W / Woburn, MA )

    Something casual... no pressure

  • ropenfool ( 60 / M / Dunnell, MN )

    How about meet for a cup of coffee and talk if all goes well take the horses and go down to the summer pasture and go for a little ride and talk some more and then take the horses back home and get the bike and ride to a...  read more>>

  • vtaylor ( 55 / W / Pleasant Grove, UT )

    some place were we are both comfortable, so we can talk an get to know each other alittle bit an if we both like what we see an there is chemistery.....who knows, we can go from

  • oltrikerider ( 65 / M / Bear Creek, WI )

    Get together and see what we like or dislike. definetly do so riding together. usally try to make all the ride events I can.

  • lynne4058 ( 58 / W / Marshall, NC )

    HHmmm...first date...Lets see..We will meet in the daylight at a public restaurant, have a late lunch/early dinner, and see if we click..and take it from there!

  • sweet_cheeks ( 42 / W / Conroe, TX )

    I like to keep life simple... let's meet for lunch or coffee and see how things go! :)

  • Sharona2001 ( 58 / W / Cambridge, ON )

    To meet for coffee would be good. A relaxed setting where we can talk would be perfect. Then if all goes well perhaps go for a ride....

  • savage666 ( 53 / M / Albox, Andalucia )

    Meet in a place of your choosing,go out on my bike,find a bar sit in the shade and chat. Find out if we like each other. After that.........??