First Date Ideas

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  • Fransis ( 46 / W / Miami, FL )

    At Hooter's with great biker friends.

  • Charli2013 ( 53 / W / Perth, Western Australia )

    We are on opposite sides of the world so dating is not an option.

  • localsingle ( 52 / W / Ogden, UT )

    I would like the first date to be brunch. That way there is the whole day to get to know each other. As far as a restaurant rustic, warm possibly a fireplace.

  • survivorsingle52 ( 56 / W / Lehighton, PA )

    A ride to a place where we can take a walk so we can talk and find out more about each other. A out of the way place we can grab something to eat. You need to contact me first then i can talk to you,i am only a regular m...  read more>>

  • carpenter5656 ( 59 / M / Port Richey, FL )

    we could meet at a beach bar for lunch

  • Bella_Biagi ( 46 / W / Santa Rosa, CA )

    Taking the bikes out for a cruise on Hwy 1. Stopping to get a bite to eat at a quaint Seafood Restaurant.

  • BankRobber ( 51 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    I pick you early Saturday or Sunday morning, and we ride up the Palisades Parkway to Nyack, NY for breakfast.. Ride back to the park, hand out and talk some, trying to keep you from pouncing on me the whole time...

  • Scrappy1953 ( 63 / W / Mine Hill, NJ )

    Ride to the beach to watch the sun rise

  • chico1967 ( 49 / M / Pottstown, PA )

    ride to st. peters climb on rocks,swimm in creek. for ice cream or cold beer. dinner on the deck.

  • mauricedee1 ( 47 / M / Covington, GA )

    is just to try to get to know each other

  • Sunzhine ( 63 / W / Bedford, TX )

    Let's meet and go for breakfast as its the most important meal of the day and my favorite!!

  • Kinglullu ( 31 / M / Bahrain )

    Surprise me,that's wht I would love .anywhere is fine as long as she shows up.

  • Dadarides ( 57 / W / Bonita Springs, FL )

    First meeting at breakfast then a nice ride to look at the stunning blue waters of the gulf..Some luch, then riding again, sitting on the beach or in one of the parks talking about our lives, what we have gained and what...  read more>>

  • Hemilady300C ( 67 / W / Joppa, MD )

    First date - I want it to be fun and comfortable for both of us. That could be an going for an ice cream cone or meeting for drinks or dinner or both.

  • cedarfoot3072 ( 62 / M / Cherry Creek, NY )

    Very for bite to eat.....drink