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  • Tausendschoen ( 46F / Halle Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt )


    Treffe dich gern mal bei einem Kaffee oder einem Bierchen oder zeigst du mir gleich dein Bike?

  • Soodonim ( 40M / Hughesville, MD )


    Someplace where we can hear each other talk. Crabs for lunch by the water, coffee in DC, a drink and walk at the National Harbor......

  • stewolf ( 50M / Painesville, OH )


    Somewhere quiet so we can talk and get to know each other.

  • tkai1966 ( 48F / Douglas, WY )


    A couple drinks, lunch, or maybe dinner somewhere quiet enough to talk.

  • rosieblue ( 65F / Philadelphia, PA )


    Would like to meet for coffee and conversation first.

  • Live2Ride17 ( 44M / Fort Wayne, IN )


    Ideally I'd like to meet someone at a designated area, then go for a ride and stop for a cup of coffee, and talk, get to know each other...Granted that might be hard during winter. Here is how I look at it, is like being  Weiter>>

  • Sahara352 ( 46F / Denair, CA )


    I would say "go for a ride" but it's kind of hard to get to know someone without talking.

  • Cyberrr ( 49M / Adelaide, South Australia )


    A coffee somewhere to break the ice would be nice 😊

  • CBbradley ( 22M / Baltimore, MD )


    Riding from cafe to cafe till we find the best espresso in town.

  • Eaglespringer ( 50M / Bayswater, Victoria )


    Meet n greet for drink and chat about anything

  • tartandtasty ( 40M / Lakeland, FL )


    Date can be anything from breakfast to dinner, I'm not picky about where.. Please no movies cause we can't talk.. Good company is always enjoyed..

  • sexyaunty ( 44F / Ottawa, ON )


    Coffee to start, nothing to loud, wanna be able to talk

  • reapersvixan ( 33F / Colorado Springs, CO )


    I go with the flow! Any Men Who still show Women Chivalry receive Major Respect From Me ! "Chivalry is not only about respecting women. It separates the men from the "boys". Chivalry shows that you possess qualities such  Weiter>>

  • tatduude ( 32M / Rockwall, TX )


    I don't have a template, what ever we both agree too.

  • Chikkiebabe ( 46F / Western Australia )


    Ideal first date is over coffee and a chat