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  • BrendaB ( 50F / Deerfield, MA )


    Go for a nice ride out to lunch and drinks,chat play keno, shoot pool

  • Signal2000 ( 55F / Barrie, ON )


    To meet have brief coffee .. Go for a ride and have lunch or dinner

  • ElizabethW ( 52F / Hurt, VA )


    Usually leave that up to the man.

  • smiley723 ( 36F / Fiskeville, RI )


    Go for a ride and see where we end up...

  • Kittykat99 ( 47F / Antioch, CA )


    I prefer to first meet someone during the day it just feels more relaxed. I like to go someplace where we could have a conversation and a little fun.

  • Smooth2014 ( 64F / Upper Marlboro, MD )


    Dress casual for lunch, on a warm day. Sitting inside or outside of a restaurant. Having our favorite glass of wine to accent the food we are having. Letting each of us talk without taking over the conversation. Laughing  Weiter>>

  • Redneck4715 ( 43M / Warner, AB )


    If it's riding weather would meet up some wear and go for a spin to a pub or nice restaurant for a beer and a bite to eat Or just hang out at a coffee shop and chat.

  • kjplowman ( 57M / Darien, IL )


    Anywhere we can both be comfortable and talk and get to know each other, and see if there any sparks!

  • DocRider7 ( 53M / Indianapolis, IN )


    Meet for lunch at your favorite restaurant and get to know each other. We only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Kisses2u ( 54F / Justice, IL )


    Would love to meet for lunch somewhere

  • TN_Shorty ( 27F / Hermitage, TN )


    We can meet up somewhere for lunch/dinner, if things go well, we can go for a ride and just enjoy the day!

  • murdock2002 ( 46M / Oxford, AL )


    dinner, then a walk around a mall some where. some where we can talk get to know each other

  • KatDance ( 48F / Tinley Park, IL )


    Would like to meet someone initially for lunch or coffee/drink

  • justdeb2000 ( 56F / New Bern, NC )


    a nice luch and good conversation, getting to know the person

  • Sportster1960 ( 54M / Hagerstown, MD )


    On a nice sunny afternoon, a nice road trip to an absolutely delicious hot dog house in Cumberland, MD. / Next one to Phillips Seafood House in Ocean City, MD, where the food's always good. / After that, we're not dating  Weiter>>