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Anything that sounds like a good time
I have not dated since before I was married, I am not a good person to ask what ...
Definitely depends on the person.
Well if it wasn't the middle of the winter I would say pick me up on your bike ...
Wherever the night or day might lead us. It could be as simple as a picnic in t...
Dinner and drinks. Taking a ride if the weather permits.
Beach go riding camping long drive anything outdoors
We could go walking on the beach, take a bike ride wherever, or go to the lake o...
Let it go with the flow ...................................
Hmmm....well I figure, meet for a drink or coffee is a good start to see if we h...
Coffee or a drink to get to know each other
PAPA MURPHY PIZZA! I'm a heathen, I know, I don't know what's considered a good ...
is it really a date or just meeting a new friend? Guess it depends on how it goe...
just a kiss!!!! Let me know.................
This is totally cliche I don't have a "first date" preference...