First Date Ideas

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  • aintyobaby10 ( 43 / W / Abilene, TX )

    I am game! Coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks...whatever _ whenever!

  • PinkandBlack ( 38 / W / Rome, GA )

    Listen to Luke Bryan's "That's My Kind of Night." That's my perfect date in a nutshell, except instead of in a truck I want to be on the back of a bike.

  • tifclifton ( 41 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    I'm not picky , lad back just like to chill like to have a drink or watch a movie.

  • sgierling ( 24 / W / Loveland, CO )

    For a first date i suppose we could be cliche and go to dinner and a movie, or grab some coffee. But either way i dont mind. Just as long as we get to talk. :)

  • jeffdort ( 52 / M / Glidden, WI )

    Meet up, have some small talk and get to know each other. Then decide what to do. Spontaneity is the spice of life.

  • Timclark ( 25 / M / Warrenton, OR )

    I like trying new things. Ready for an adventure.

  • hawgdawg2003 ( 67 / M / Lagrange, GA )

    The first date, irregardless of where/when, should be something you're both comfortable with.......don't have to put on any airs( I'm not that person )....just be yourself, and have a great time with whatever you decide...  read more>>

  • McGyver9x ( 51 / M / Valdosta, GA )

    Lets discuss this and decide together

  • 2012FLHX103 ( 58 / W / Austin, TX )

    Just someplace to chat, get to know each other. Just see how that goes. But I can usually be found most Friday nights hanging outside at the moontower.

  • XydrateThirteen ( 40 / M / Woodstock, GA )

    I'm all about going for a ride maybe grabbing some food or a beer or two at some place.

  • EmperorBear ( 38 / M / Franklin, OH )

    Lets hop on our bikes and ride off to somewhere breathtaking (spontaneous and wherever we end up). If you don't have a bike lets go for a hike and stop for a coffee after.

  • stellaw1232 ( 52 / W / Cameron, WI )

    First date happened in Highschool. No more first dates lets just meet, ride, talk and ride some more:):)

  • kmk2013 ( 53 / M / Fort Scott, KS )

    I'd pick you up on my Harley and go for a little ride on some nice winding roads. Stop for a couple drinks maybe a bite to eat, get to know each other a little better. Depending on the night we can sit around a bon fire...  read more>>

  • PhoenixPaige ( 35 / W / Lincoln, NE )

    Well, I don't drink alcohol anymore, just to put it out there, but I do enjoy milkshakes, tea, soda & juice! :) first date shod consist mostly of conversation & learning as much as needed about the other person which is...  read more>>

  • RoadGlider2013 ( 62 / M / Edmond, OK )

    First dates are difficult. Each person trying to put their best foot forward while trying be natural, Trying to feel the other person out. I propose a trip to the bowling alley or miniature golf course for some competiti...  read more>>