First Date Ideas

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  • 2stars ( 52 / W / Gilbert, AZ )


  • MsDeluxe64 ( 52 / W / Memphis, TN )

    When the weather is nice, meeting somewhere for lunch on a patio. Or cocktails one evening at a bar in a resturant. Conversation over coffee always an nice way to meet and chat.

  • citygirl53 ( 51 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Our first date should be a simple meet and greet. No pressure, just an hour or two hanging out talking about the things that make us happy. We walk away and decide if we want to see the other person again. Pure and Simpl...  read more>>

  • julesv ( 54 / W / Rochester, MI )

    A nice lunch would be nice for a first date.

  • hdmom16 ( 47 / W / Tampa, FL )

    Our first meeting should be simple like coffee and conversation. Our first real date, if there is a connection can be anything as long as it's quiet and gives us more opportunity to get to know one another.

  • Lb3ybme ( 51 / M / Iron River, WI )

    Lunch somewhere in the middle between our places, BBQ or Mexican would be great

  • sandrea ( 58 / W / Mission, KS )

    Meet for coffee or dinner or a drink movie or whatever just so we can get to know one another see if we click it not

  • twonk59 ( 57 / M / Pontefract, England - West Yorkshire )

    unless you are in the UK then there probably wont be a first date .. but i can find fun in almost anything

  • 1500goldwing ( 50 / M / Stockholm, Stockholms Lan )

    A nice bikeride in to the sunset.

  • billybob100 ( 60 / M / Rochester, NH )

    A ride along the coast. stop for a bite to eat

  • safesheep ( 59 / M / Moreno Valley, CA )

    meet at a coffee shop,or a mom and dad kind a bar for visit,n then take a ride to anywhere nice for lunch and chat some more,maybe shoot a few games of pool,alot of talking and humor,laughing together.

  • angelmom4 ( 48 / W / South Pittsburg, TN )

    For a first date, I would say somewhere that you could get to know each other, where your able to talk.

  • smckarns ( 46 / W / Rockwall, TX )

    I am open to what or where our first date should be..

  • roaringmom ( 44 / W / De Pere, WI )

    Depends who I am with on what I would want to do on a first date.

  • fltr07 ( 55 / M / Pocatello, ID )

    I would like to meet somewhere public for lunch or something. If we hit it off maybe we can go for a ride.