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  • Dannycarrots ( 53M / Santa Monica, CA )


    A ride down the city with my partner at my back

  • ghostrider449 ( 66M / Williamstown, NJ )


    go for a nice ride to any where and no where just ride the open road for the day nad stop at some where and have something to eat

  • Smoubles ( 40F / Tulsa, OK )


    My first date would involve a bike ride for sure if the weather permits and if not then somewhere to dance.

  • HarleySoul2000 ( 38F / Denver, CO )


    Ride anywhere in our beautiful state.

  • HD4Life9801 ( 29M / Westerville, OH )


    I dont know, Ill be on my bike most likely. And yes i do ride during the winter. So we would have to go somewhere quiet to talk, maybe grab some food and get back on the bikes

  • thebee2013 ( 58F / Loxley, AL )


    A couples ride with another couple, riding the country roads, stopping along the way to see whatever roadside business attracts our attention. Casual, easy friendship to start. Maybe go on a day rally.

  • builderjon ( 67M / Umatilla, FL )


    Want candle light dinning on "the first date"?,,, just send me a post card when you get there.. But if you want to know me as I would want to know you,,, then ask! Don't you dare just guess - you'll surely get it wrong  Weiter>>

  • Johnrides ( 46M / Redding, CA )


    A ride anywhere in the North state! A decent meal, some good conversation, a couple a beers, and whatever else.

  • Bradthomsen ( 53M / Eden Valley, MN )


    Going out for a ride. Going out to eat. Hanging out watching movies. I'm open to ideas

  • Gothictim ( 29M / Mongolei )


    Wtf? First date ideas? Of course biking activities lol... Visit to local pub and drink together

  • HoneyIwanaRIDE ( 51F / Jonesville, MI )



  • Mrlister ( 48M / Hayward, CA )


    I would like to just talk and see if we connect... not interested in games...

  • luvthehog ( 45F / Coeur D Alene, ID )



  • cu_later ( 50F / Aliso Viejo, CA )


    I'm still new to the area and I'm always up to seeing new thing.

  • street2012 ( 24M / Statesville, NC )


    Ride to the blue ridge parkway and have a picnic at one of the overlooks